Social Media And The Use Of Video

Using videography is not a new concept in the world of advertising. Today, though, with the innovation of the internet, there are many social media avenues available to anyone in charge of promoting visibility to benefit from the use of video production.

Some reasons to use video for social media platforms include:

Free Sites

There are a few free sites available online that a videographer can use to market products or companies. The competition for keyword placement is much lower and you can benefit from traffic by creating a free account. As far as search engines, if you try and get your page to pull up on a Google search with just SEO keywords, it is very difficult to get a website to pull up on the first page. As far as video is concerned, though, it often shows up much more readily, giving an edge to your business.

Social Media Sites Are Easy to Link

For further emphasis on the video you produce for your site, all the social media platforms offer the opportunity to share links. This means that not only will your video be displayed at one site, but if you have other tools you use, it all connects giving more avenues for possible customers to find your business. 

Curate What Has Been Done

With the vast array of advertisement that takes place online, you are able to curate what others have done. There is an old saying, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” Just like you might peruse a template to write a Business Plan, you can view numerous videos and see what others have done, read reviews, and come up with a plan that will benefit your business. 

Continued Interaction With Clients

It is important to keep media sites, video efforts, blogs, and all other communication systems with clients up to date. Although gaining visibility is important, retaining it and growing your clientele base is crucial to your success. If customers try to communicate with you by asking questions, by all means, answer them. Reward your customers. Through contests and other interactions through the Internet. Use your video content to share knowledge about your business, the brand you represent, and any important events that will be taking place.

Whatever you foresee for your business, make sure to include the use of video on your social media platforms. This gives you the chance to tell your story, give your business a face, and share several connections to your brand and industry that you may not have been able to offer in the past. 

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Tips for a Successful Webcast

Although webcasts are an effective tool for expanding a customer base, cutting costs, and doing business more effectively, being able to host one successfully ensures it has even more value. Making sure there is a pre-webcast checklist is crucial, as is projecting a professional image; appropriate dress, body language, and posture are essential. Maintaining audience engagement is also important; people lose focus about every four minutes, so keeping listeners interested is key. Encourage audience participation by using ongoing Q&A sessions, including a live poll or quiz, and using non-traditional media such as photos and video are successful strategies. Try to use sound bites in the webcast since viewers usually prefer to listen to less lengthy, more concise items. Keeping points and answers to questions as short as possible. As with any presentation, make sure to keep the energy level up and smile. At the end of the webcast, make sure to follow up with the audience by thanking them for attending, adding highlights from the presentation, and including findings from any survey or discussion that may have been included. Also, archive the webcast; having it available at any time ensures those who may have been unable to attend or who would like to watch it again are included.

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Benefits of Livestreaming and Webcasting in the Business World

It’s no secret that the world has rapidly become a smaller place, thanks to the Internet. The transfer of information has been revolutionized by technology, allowing individuals and organizations to exchange ideas and data instantaneously. One way in which people are accessing this wider, global audience is through webcasting. 

Webcasting is the process of using the internet as a means of broadcasting audio and video content live. This broadcasting, often called a “push,” is a media presentation circulated over the Internet. It uses streaming media technology to deliver a single content source to many listeners, who may be in many different places, listening at the same time. Sporting events organizers, news stations, musicians and educational institutions have successfully used webcasting to reach a larger audience; social events such as weddings, funerals, and religious events have also availed of this technology. And since 1998, when the first webcast appeared, the use of this technology has steadily gained momentum, especially in the business world, as its enormous potential has quickly been realized.

In March, 2012, ClickMeeting, a company that offers online meeting services, released a telling Infographic on “World Wide Webinars.” After looking at 8,197 online meetings over a 6-month period (205 meetings a week), they found that 68% of businesses were running webinars each month, and 50% held between 4 and 27 webinars a month. For some businesses, the number is higher, and webcasting is becoming an integral part of running a company.

Companies of all sizes are using webcasting for various purposes. Employee or customer training, demonstration and promotion of products and services, maintaining a closer contact with leads, and hosting meetings are the most common ways ambitious and adaptable business people are making use of this modern-day technology.

Just as there are numerous uses for webcasting, there are also numerous benefits to using this technology in business. Like the Internet, which has allowed people to reach a wider audience, webcasting allows businesses to go beyond geographical limitations; as long as a participant has access to the Internet, they are accessible. Having larger audiences for events is also a benefit, as is a reduction in costs: most expenses such as accommodation, travel, venue fees and meals connected to attending events no longer exist when a participant is taking part from their office or home. Another benefit is increased profits as many companies are able to reach more clients, attain results more quickly, and reduce the time and effort needed for marketing and product launches. In addition, by using webcasting technologies, most companies are able to reduce their environmental footprint and become more “green.”

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Why A Video By A Baltimore Videographer Is Good For Your Website

A quality video can help your website become a huge success for your company. This was not always so, but today the Internet is so highly competitive that more things than ever play a part in the success of a website for a business. It is preferable to have a professional, such as a Baltimore videographer, produce the video if you are in the area. When you do the video this way, it will be high enough quality to impress your website visitors. You may be wondering just why a video is so beneficial for your website? 

One benefit to a video is that you can do a visual demonstration of your product. This provides a clear picture in the visitor's mind what your product will and will not do for him. A person is more likely to purchase a product when he knows exactly what it does. In addition, if the demonstration impresses him enough, he will tell his friends to view it as well and this will create even more traffic to your website. 

The video could simply explain who you are and what your company is all about to all who view it. This provides them with a visual introduction, which makes you more personable than just reading the same words on a webpage. You may even add a virtual tour of your facilities in this video. A videography specialist will know the ideal way to capture your facilities for this video. Visitors will love to see where you make your products or do your daily business operations. 

Use a video as an instructional tool. You can share your expert knowledge through the video on your entire industry. Keep visitors up to date also with any of the latest innovations happening at present that may eventually enable you to bring them even better products that you can today. There is an unlimited supply of information you can share with your visitors to educate them. 

Videos are a great way to repurpose original content that you create. This extends the use of your content beyond just the article. In fact, you could have both on your site to complement each other. This is all part of content creation. Content is not just textual elements anymore. 

Videos attract more links than just the use of textual elements does. Webmasters understand that videos improve the quality of websites and will, as a result, want to link to those sites with quality videos. Remember, more quality links will improve your ranking with the search engines. 

You can also link your website video to your social media accounts. Your followers on social media will love being able to view your video content. On top of this, these followers will share the video with their friends and followers, which will in most cases, drive more traffic to your website. 

Use a video to explain a special promotional deal going on at the time. You may provide 20% off on the first purchase or that your visitors get a free product with a purchase of another product. Videos for this purpose quickly capture the website visitor's attention. 

Recruit affiliates (if your company offers this opportunity) through a video presentation. You can provide a visual explanation of the benefits of joining your company on an affiliate basis. There are many people looking for a valid network marketing opportunity today. A quality video production will encourage people to sign up with you. This is an ideal way to build your downline. 

Report profits, plans for the future, and even announce new products through a video. People will absorb more of this information in video form than trying to read it all in typed report. It will take a fraction of the time for them to watch the video as it does to read every word in your report. You can even add graphs and charts to the video for this purpose. 

People consider videos as entertainment today. They see videos on YouTube and other places on the Internet on a daily basis. Many times, web visitors would rather have something visually stimulating communicating an idea than having to try to comprehend text. In addition, the colors and movements of the video make them remember what they see much more than just plain text does. 

Video presentations are easy to split up into sections or episodes. Have part 1 this week, part 2 next week, and so on until your visitors see the whole presentation. This will encourage them to keep coming back to your site increasing the chances of them buying your company's products. 

Videos will help increase your traffic. With this increase in traffic, the search engines will take more notice of your website. This could lead to higher ranking in the search engines and even more traffic to your website. The more visitors you can drive to your website the better your chance becomes to make profitable sales. 

These are all reasons why a video is good for your website. Call us if you are in the Baltimore, DC, Maryland, or Virginia area if you need more information. I will explain how professional videography skills could create the ideal video for your website. The more knowledge you have on this topic the better your video will be for your website. Remember, you want the video to help increase your web traffic and ranking in the search engines. 

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Right Music is the Key

Having the right music accompany your video is key. Music can make or break your production.  It sets the pace, tone, and feeling, often invoking emotions in the viewers that go along with the subject. However, the wrong music can cause the wrong emotions and lead to confusion, and a poor video. 

When picking out the right music, make sure the tone matches the rest of the video. Use upbeat tunes for a happy go lucky feel. If the video's main purpose is to cause that homey nostalgic feel, a softer and slower music may be the best bet.

There is a fine line between just perfect and overused. Music that has been used over and over again for the same kind of topic will come across as generic and predictable, leaving the video as just okay. Try to keep it as original as possible while still portraying the correct tone, emotions, and pace.

Its very important to use royalty free music when picking your songs.  Buy purchasing a royalty free song, you are legally purchasing the rights from the artist to use their music.  Otherwise, you could be sued.  Royalty free songs typically range from $10-$100.

Here are some links websites that sell royalty free music:

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10 Tips for Being Awesome on Camera

Website Mashable has a great article that will help anyone set their video apart from the rest. Tips include what to wear, posture, delivery, body language, and most important - what to say.

Read it here.

Formatting Power Point Slides for Video

I often have clients that want to include Power Point slides in their video.  Most PPT presentations are formatted at a 4x3 aspect ratio.  But all HD video is shot at an aspect ratio of 16x9.  These easy instructions will guide you through how to change your presentation and then save each slide as an image. 

Formatting Power Point Slides for Video

Step 1

Click on Slide Show tab

Step 1

Step 2

Change the resolution to 1280x720

Step 2

Step 3

Click on the Design tab and then Page Setup

Step 3

Step 4

Change the size to - On-screen Show 16:9

Step 4

Step 5

All of your slides have been changed from a square (4x3) to rectangle (16x9). Go thru and check all your slides to be sure all your text and images display correctly.

Step 6

Go to the File tab and select Save As

Step 6

Step 7

  1. Select the location to save your files
  2. Create a file name
  3. Select PNG as the Save as type
Step 7

Step 8

Select Every Slide. All of your slides will now be saved as a PNG image in a new folder at the location you selected in Step 7.

Step 8

Anatomy of a Good Video

There is no doubt that videos are not only essential marketing tools; but they are also crucial to search engine optimization and should therefore be part of any commercial website. However, not just any video will do.

A video embedded on a website must be of a certain quality. Anything less could prove to be detrimental to your website’s rank, customer appeal, and overall company impression. Here are a few elements that form the structure of a good video:

  • Length: Videos such be concise. No one wants to listen to any advertising that is more than a few seconds long. The acceptable range is between 30 seconds and 90 seconds.
  • Confidence and professionalism: The voices used and the person(s) in the video must display confidence and be professional in all mannerisms. Background and props should also reflect professionalism as well as appropriateness.
  • Message/Script: The message should be crisp, clear, persuasive, and flawless in tone and grammar. It should pique the viewer’s interest from the very beginning.
  • Formatting: Wide screen format is more appropriate.
  • Titles: All video titles should be clear, relevant, and effective in saying what exactly the video is about.
  • Audio: The audio should be of superb quality. 

All these elements collectively enhance a video’s overall quality and appeal. Remember, the idea behind videos is not only to get your message across; but to also get customers and visitors to watch and share them. Therefore, do not skimp on quality equipment or hiring a professional video production service.

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