Tips for a Successful Webcast

Although webcasts are an effective tool for expanding a customer base, cutting costs, and doing business more effectively, being able to host one successfully ensures it has even more value. Making sure there is a pre-webcast checklist is crucial, as is projecting a professional image; appropriate dress, body language, and posture are essential. Maintaining audience engagement is also important; people lose focus about every four minutes, so keeping listeners interested is key. Encourage audience participation by using ongoing Q&A sessions, including a live poll or quiz, and using non-traditional media such as photos and video are successful strategies. Try to use sound bites in the webcast since viewers usually prefer to listen to less lengthy, more concise items. Keeping points and answers to questions as short as possible. As with any presentation, make sure to keep the energy level up and smile. At the end of the webcast, make sure to follow up with the audience by thanking them for attending, adding highlights from the presentation, and including findings from any survey or discussion that may have been included. Also, archive the webcast; having it available at any time ensures those who may have been unable to attend or who would like to watch it again are included.

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