Benefits of Livestreaming and Webcasting in the Business World

It’s no secret that the world has rapidly become a smaller place, thanks to the Internet. The transfer of information has been revolutionized by technology, allowing individuals and organizations to exchange ideas and data instantaneously. One way in which people are accessing this wider, global audience is through webcasting. 

Webcasting is the process of using the internet as a means of broadcasting audio and video content live. This broadcasting, often called a “push,” is a media presentation circulated over the Internet. It uses streaming media technology to deliver a single content source to many listeners, who may be in many different places, listening at the same time. Sporting events organizers, news stations, musicians and educational institutions have successfully used webcasting to reach a larger audience; social events such as weddings, funerals, and religious events have also availed of this technology. And since 1998, when the first webcast appeared, the use of this technology has steadily gained momentum, especially in the business world, as its enormous potential has quickly been realized.

In March, 2012, ClickMeeting, a company that offers online meeting services, released a telling Infographic on “World Wide Webinars.” After looking at 8,197 online meetings over a 6-month period (205 meetings a week), they found that 68% of businesses were running webinars each month, and 50% held between 4 and 27 webinars a month. For some businesses, the number is higher, and webcasting is becoming an integral part of running a company.

Companies of all sizes are using webcasting for various purposes. Employee or customer training, demonstration and promotion of products and services, maintaining a closer contact with leads, and hosting meetings are the most common ways ambitious and adaptable business people are making use of this modern-day technology.

Just as there are numerous uses for webcasting, there are also numerous benefits to using this technology in business. Like the Internet, which has allowed people to reach a wider audience, webcasting allows businesses to go beyond geographical limitations; as long as a participant has access to the Internet, they are accessible. Having larger audiences for events is also a benefit, as is a reduction in costs: most expenses such as accommodation, travel, venue fees and meals connected to attending events no longer exist when a participant is taking part from their office or home. Another benefit is increased profits as many companies are able to reach more clients, attain results more quickly, and reduce the time and effort needed for marketing and product launches. In addition, by using webcasting technologies, most companies are able to reduce their environmental footprint and become more “green.”

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