Right Music is the Key

Having the right music accompany your video is key. Music can make or break your production.  It sets the pace, tone, and feeling, often invoking emotions in the viewers that go along with the subject. However, the wrong music can cause the wrong emotions and lead to confusion, and a poor video. 

When picking out the right music, make sure the tone matches the rest of the video. Use upbeat tunes for a happy go lucky feel. If the video's main purpose is to cause that homey nostalgic feel, a softer and slower music may be the best bet.

There is a fine line between just perfect and overused. Music that has been used over and over again for the same kind of topic will come across as generic and predictable, leaving the video as just okay. Try to keep it as original as possible while still portraying the correct tone, emotions, and pace.

Its very important to use royalty free music when picking your songs.  Buy purchasing a royalty free song, you are legally purchasing the rights from the artist to use their music.  Otherwise, you could be sued.  Royalty free songs typically range from $10-$100.

Here are some links websites that sell royalty free music:






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