Anatomy of a Good Video

There is no doubt that videos are not only essential marketing tools; but they are also crucial to search engine optimization and should therefore be part of any commercial website. However, not just any video will do.

A video embedded on a website must be of a certain quality. Anything less could prove to be detrimental to your website’s rank, customer appeal, and overall company impression. Here are a few elements that form the structure of a good video:

  • Length: Videos such be concise. No one wants to listen to any advertising that is more than a few seconds long. The acceptable range is between 30 seconds and 90 seconds.
  • Confidence and professionalism: The voices used and the person(s) in the video must display confidence and be professional in all mannerisms. Background and props should also reflect professionalism as well as appropriateness.
  • Message/Script: The message should be crisp, clear, persuasive, and flawless in tone and grammar. It should pique the viewer’s interest from the very beginning.
  • Formatting: Wide screen format is more appropriate.
  • Titles: All video titles should be clear, relevant, and effective in saying what exactly the video is about.
  • Audio: The audio should be of superb quality. 

All these elements collectively enhance a video’s overall quality and appeal. Remember, the idea behind videos is not only to get your message across; but to also get customers and visitors to watch and share them. Therefore, do not skimp on quality equipment or hiring a professional video production service.

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