Creating Effective and Attractive Video for Marketing Purposes

Do you want to generate website traffic to your website? If so, then why not consider video marketing to increase sale leads and get more website visitors, which will eventually turn them into clients?  Getting client’s attention and interest has become a daunting task to website and business owners nowadays. So, if you are one of those website owners looking for enticing ways to get people’s attention then it looks like it’s now the right time for you to consider video marketing.

Using video is a great way to get people’s attention. Videos demonstrate instruction as well as emotional content. These are usually revealed on the search results, permitting people to generate more site visitors by dominating the organic search results of the market. It is a fact that there are numerous website owners who want to be on top, video marketing and web video production for businesses has made it possible for the website owners to get the attention and interest from prospect clients. 


However, consumers are now wiser in terms of choosing products and services. If you want to make your videos more effective than the videos of your competitors, there are some factors that you should consider. If you cannot make your own videos, you don’t have to worry because you can hire a Baltimore videographer to create a video for you.  Here are some useful tips when creating a video marketing or getting video marketing services:

  • Delivering Your Message to Audiences by Using Different Video Marketing Styles - Baltimore Video Production can help you communicate or deliver your messages to audiences by using various techniques, including, text only, narration, and/or music. A Baltimore videographer can help you in creating graphics, images, script and other media-based digital content that will help tell your unique story.  Baltimore videographers can also work in optimizing videos that you have already produced in order to make it capable of reaching the top search engine giants and your target audiences as well.
  • Video Production Can Either Make or Unmake your Brand’s Reputation - It’s important that you consider the implication of your video to the reputation of your brand. The video output of the production can either imply a good or bad outcome to your business or brand. Baltimore video production can help you produce videos which are good for establishing online reputation, brand identity and expertise of your business via producing an actionable content. 
  • Choose the Best Baltimore Video Production that Provides Elite Event Recording - If you are going to host a special event concerning your business, then you should consider event recording in a creative manner. A Baltimore video production professional can help you record such an important event. 
  • Content of Your Video - If you are going to hire a video production team to create videos for you, make sure to check their video portfolio, because their work will affect your brand. Check the relevance, creativity, and accuracy of their video examples.  The message of your video can affect your brand as a whole. 

Choosing the best video production in Maryland to work on your video presentation is essential. The video production team is a vital factor to acquire desirable outcome that would benefit your company and brand.

Why Get in Touch with a Video Production Company to Create Your Next Video?

If you are experiencing great trouble and struggle convincing your business partners, marketing team and even clients that your business is truly an essential one, then you need to get in touch with a local video production service provider in Maryland. A local and experienced videographer can offer you their years of knowledge not only in producing a video, but in other trends, such as: 

1 - Videos can be Shared Frequently and Easily

Video production service providers can help you reach a wider target audience, one that is best for your business. This is through video sharing processes which are considered to be a huge part of social media.  A video production service provider can help you get your service or product messaging out in a shareable and fun way.

2 - Video Production Educates, Inspires and Entertains

Video is the best method to tell a story online.  Everyday, more and more people consume videos on their mobile devices.  This is because people would rather watch a 30 second video, then read a page of text.  Competing video, photos, graphics, narration and music will keep viewers glued to the screen.  At the end of your video, you want the viewer to do something - call you, buy your product, schedule an appointment, or #3! 

3 - Video Allows Real Time Interaction and Feedbacks

People always love to comment on trending topics.  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Google + are just a few examples.  This is great for you, because you can learn more about the people who are getting in touch with your business product and services. Responsive videos and comments can greatly help you to keep track of their needs and feedbacks. Just imagine if your customers were leaving positive comments on your videos and finding themselves to be a part of what you are offering.

4 - Videos can Live Forever, Making it very Cost-Effective Over Time

People are usually only concerned with their video's stats for a few days after launch.  If the videos doesn't have 1,000 views after a few days, they consider it a failure. That's not true.  Video always stay online, meaning your video will live forever.  And its accessible whenever (at midnight on a Sunday, Christmas Day, etc).  So even if your business is only open from 9a-5pm, your online video is always working for you.  Unlike television advertisements, which only air a few times, and stop airing when you stop paying.

With the spectacular benefits that video production service providers offer, it is not surprising to know that more and more people today, especially business owners, are getting in touch with these new marketing approaches. They are assured that by doing so, they can obtain the most profitable and marketable business that they’ve always wanted.

Tips for Video Production - Quick Turnarounds, Tight Budgets and Being Creative

As one of the top service providers of Baltimore video productions, we know that your reputation is of the utmost importance. Without the presence of a great online reputation, your business will surely fail over time.  The quality of the videos you produce with our team play a monumental part in creating a successful online reputation.

Here are some of the most essential tips on how you can create videos on tight budgets, with quick turnarounds, while still being creative:

Staying Focused on the Set Deadline

The first step is to create a completion deadline, and stick to it.  Be sure to allow enough time for revisions and approvals.  Check the calendar for holidays, meetings, or other projects that may interfere with the editing schedule or release date.  Don't plan on releasing your big video on a holiday or on election day.  No one will see it, and it will got lost in the shuffle.  Once you prioritize your deadline, you will be more serious about your work.

Develop an Outline for the Video

Even a 30 or 60 second video on YouTube  needs a rough outline before you start shooting.  Having a detailed outline before the videographer shoots will help them only shoot what's necessary.  This will cut down on their shooting time (saving you money) and will make the editors job easier (saving you even more money). The outline doesn't have to be long or too specific, just give the production team an idea of your vision for the messaging and visuals.

Branding Guidelines

Most non profits, organizations, and businesses have a logo and some colors or fonts that they like.  These "rules" are called Branding Guidelines.  Get your production team these materials early, before your shoot and especially before they start editing.  These include a high resolution PNG file of your logo, with a transparent background; the RGB values of your colors; and any fonts.  This will ensure that the finished video "looks" like it yours, and not generic or out of style.

Having a Clear Outcome

Why are you creating this video?  What is your call to action? What do you want the viewer to do after watching your video?  Know what your expected outcomes are, and be sure your video includes that information or calling. 

With these essential tips, you are assured that you can have a very impressive video production project that you'll truly love. So, follow these tips now and be proud of your video production project outcome!

Get to Know Focal Point

Focal Point Productions has unequivocally devoted every minute of the past 14 years into perfecting the art of video production, script writing, coaching and editing with business marketing in mind. Contemporary, competitive and inspired would only begin to describe the resources available to our clients, offering a professional studio atmosphere complete with state – of – the – art cameras, equipment and expertise to bring it all together.

Every business knows the public loves videos! By producing and marketing an informative video to a specific target market everybody wins! The customer benefits by assessing the value of the company in relationship to their present or future needs and, the company benefits by being able to compile all their pertinent information into a short, professionally produced video creating a positive and consistent image. 

Anyone who has been in business knows longevity and status is earned one day at a time, one customer at a time. The video production business is no different; in fact it may be even more difficult than most as every project requires specific copy, design, editing and post – production expected to exceed the expectations of the client. We realized 20 years ago that a client must be given a chance to get to “know” you, then with the addition of honesty and hard work they’ll get to “like” you, and most importantly when you’ve proven you are trustworthy they will put their “trust” in you. Our knowledge of this crucial process is the driving force and formula for success behind our relationships with our clients. By empowering them with our understanding we pave the way towards achieving the very goals we have set for ourselves.

The success and reputation we enjoy as a complete video production company comes from years of commitment and consideration in our relationships with the event planners, social media coordinators and small businesses in Baltimore, DC, and Virginia. They know we’re focused and serious about what we do but they return because we’re flexible and accommodating to their specific needs. Our talents make us uniquely qualified to deliver every type of marketing video necessary in today’s “click happy” world. Focal Point can produce informative training, internet, industrial, corporate, historical or brand awareness videos utilizing video, still photos, graphics, etc. that are competitively priced.

For more information on what makes a good video, or to schedule your filming in the Maryland or DC areas, we invite you to contact us today.

Baltimore Sun's "The Crime Scene" in Production

Focal Point is now working with former WBAL-TV anchor/reporter Matt Jablow to produce “The Crime Scene”, the Baltimore Sun’s new video webcast focusing on a wide range of crime-related issues in the Baltimore area.  Every Monday, The Sun’s website will post a different Crime Scene episode – each about two and a half minutes in length – that will serve as a video accompaniment to The Sun’s in-depth crime coverage.  The first video posted on July 28.  The videos will also be available on The Sun’s Crime Beat blog and Facebook page.  The first several Crime Scene episodes will feature cold cases – long-ago criminal cases (many of them high-profile ones like the 2003 murder of federal prosecutor Jonathan Luna and the 2012 kidnapping of Vi Ripken) that police are still hoping to solve.