Producing a Multicamera Facebook Live Event

Focal Point's team pulled off a great production for the GBMC - Comprehensive Obesity Management Program (COMP) Annual Reveal Holiday Party, which took place on December 13th at Martin's West. Our crew of 7 provided IMAG and livestreamed the event on Facebook Live, using a TriCaster TC1, 6 cameras, a crane, 20+ videos, 50+ slides, and other graphics.

Last Minute Live Stream for Rare Disease Conference

With only a few days notice, the XLH Network contacted Focal Point Productions to live stream their annual symposium taking place at the Hyatt Regency in Baltimore. XLH (X-Linked Hypophosphatemia) is a rare genetic disorder that affects about one in 20,000 people.

Focal Point live streamed one day of the conference (morning and afternoon sessions) using a Blackmagic video switcher with 3 cameras and power point slides. PSAV (the hotel’s AV company) supplied an audio feed and 5Mbps upload internet connection.

People from all over the world tuned in to watch the live broadcast, which was streamed to the non-profit’s Facebook page. Within a few days after the conference, the two Facebook Live videos had 9,000+ minutes viewed, 400+ post engagements, and had reached almost 5,500+ people.

6 Camera Live Production for Facebook Live

On September 25, 2018, the team at Focal Point Productions produced a Facebook Live show for MedStar Health. This was our 15th live webcast for MedStar.

The production included 6 HD cameras, 8 microphones, and 60+ visual elements (graphics, titles, photos, videos, etc). The team of 7 crew members included Ty Gentner, Zephan Blaxberg, Bo Condon, Josh Land, Victor Fink, Angie Auth, and Marty Jenoff

Company Town Hall Webcasts

All webcasts and live streams do not have to be open to the public or broadcasted on Facebook. Some are meant to be kept private. Focal Point recently produced our 4th town hall webcast for Sheppard Pratt Health Systems. The quarterly broadcasts are intended for the thousands of Sheppard Pratt employees across the state of Maryland. Each webcast has been at different location - Towson, Baltimore City, Rockville, and Point of Rocks. The September 2018 included 5 cameras, 3 microphones, several lights, titles, power point slides, and was streamed using uStream.

Blakehurst Senior Living 25th Anniversary Facebook Live

August 16th marked our 2nd Facebook Live broadcast for the week.  This Baltimore live streaming production took place at Blakehurst Senior Living.  The facility was holding their 25th anniversary celebration.  Some residents were not able to attend for medical reasons.  Focal Point was brought in as live streaming specialists to broadcast the event so these residents, family, friends, and neighbors could watch the event live.

On Location Facebook Live for Future Care Health Management

On August 14th, Focal Point Productions teamed up with ZMB Media to produce a Facebook Live Broadcast for Future Care Health Management.  This was the first in a series of four live productions for the company's "Vital Strong" initiative.  Rick Dempsey hosted the 30 minute broadcast, which was live streamed to the Future Care Facebook page.

Focal Point provided all equipment, including a Blackmagic switcher, four cameras, wireless intercom, audio, lighting, and much more.

MedStar Health Facebook Live

On June 27, 2018, Focal Point Productions live-streamed a Facebook Live webcast for MedStar Health.  The production was held at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital's Transradial Cath Lab and was hosted by WBA-TV’s Megan Pringle. The one hour show was split into two-segments, and featured interviews with several different doctors, informative videos, and questions from the online audience.  To ensure a smooth production, Focal Point's crew of 6 people used three video cameras on tripods and one free-roaming camera.  By using a video switcher called the Tricaster, the team was able to switch between camera shots, add graphics, play videos, record a high quality master and live stream..  The video was streamed live to MedStar’s Facebook page.  As people asked questions, the producer was able to send the comment to the host's laptop teleprompter.  Simultaneously and isntantly, the comment was turned into a graphic and inserted into the video.  The webcast had a peak live audience of fifty viewers. By the next morning the video had reached 5,381 people; 3,756 minutes viewed; 1,200 unique viewers; and 232 post engagements.

Corporate Town Hall Meetings

Focal Point Productions was recently hired by Sheppard Pratt Health System to live stream their quarterly town hall meetings.  The Towson, MD based health system has offices and affiliates throughout the state, - and they wanted those employees to be able to watch the company meetings live and in real time.  Each quarterly meeting will take place in a different location.

Five Days of "Facebook Live" Broadcasting from Orlando

Two weeks ago our crew packed up a uHaul, and drove to Orlando, Florida for the BBYO International Convention 2018.  Focal Point Productions was hired to live stream 5 days of festivities from the Hyatt Regency Orlando for the Washington DC based Jewish teen youth group.  Eight shows from two different locations were broadcasted for a combined 8.5 hours on Facebook Live.

Our equipment consisted of a NewTek TriCaster TC1 (with a control surface), four cameras, a Teradek Bolt, Teradek Cube, NewTek Connect Spark, four laptop computers, and lots more.

At the end of the five day convention, the combined 8 Facebook Live shows had more then 160,000 minutes watched, 6,400 post engagements, 1,600 comments, and a reach of almost 70,000.  And those numbers will continue to grow as more people watch, share, and comment the videos.  The videos were also uploaded to YouTube and have 4,000+ combined views.

How Video Can Benefit the Medical Field?

Not only can educational institutions and businesses benefit from online videos, but the healthcare industry can as well. It is crucial both for the medical staff and patients. 

Whether it is a small-town facility or a large city hospital, videography can successfully address the patient’s educational and staff’s managerial questions and concerns. Video live streaming, video marketing and other solutions can provide excellent end products, especially in the medical field. High definition videos with compelling stories can allow medical personnelto make personal connections with patients in an easy and instant manner. 

Online videos have benefitted many individuals and organizations. Anyone can easily now have the chance to reach a global audience, which is an essential ingredient in reaching the peak of success in any field. Today, the medical field has realized the valuable use of videography. It doesn’t only entertain viewers, but proves reliability, knowledge, credibility, and trustworthiness as well. 

Here’s how video can improve the healthcare industry:

Saves money

Video lessens the amount of travel and other important resources. Physicians can immediately present their knowledge, training, and view points to prospective or new patients - at any time.  A patient 100 miles away from the hospital can watch a doctor’s profile video at 2:00am.

Improves interaction 

With quality videography, training new sets of employees can be done in huge groups and across various locations, for common concerns such as hospital policies, compliance or benefits. In addition, videos present new information to multiple locations in one session.  You can be assured that everyone gets the same information.

Improves credibility

Videos are a great help for establishing strong confidence among targeted group of readers, building social media presence and getting a reliable reputation as a leader. When you include video in any project, the overall credibility of a hospital will be improved. 

Now that you are fully aware of how can video benefit the healthcare field, the next step is to find a qualified videographer. 

Baltimore video production company is the best place to go!

Various organizations cannot deny how video can help them in many different ways, particularly in educating patients and staff. But when it comes to videography for your hospital or clinic, you should work with a reliable local videographer in Baltimore. In this case, a Maryland video production company, such as Focal Point Productions is what you need. 

What they can do for your medical organization? 

Objective and accurate videos are what they produce. They can create videos for conferencing or marketing purposes. Whether you need a high definition video to educate doctors and patients about a product or procedure, or live stream a webcast, the professional videographers in Baltimore at Focal Point Productions will professionally take care of it. 

Different Ways You can Interact with Your Audience & Boost Engagement Using Live Streaming

Want to further boost your audience engagement and interact with them in real time? The top trends in 2016 include several ways you can achieve that. But, there is one particular online strategy that you should not forget to add to your marketing campaign. That is video marketing, specifically, live streaming and webcasting.

This is a brief example of a monthly live webcast in Baltimore Maryland, for the Copper Ridge Institute. The Grand Rounds is a one hour long live stream on dementia.

What the Trends on 2016 Says about Video Marketing

A recent study found that 58 percent of consumers consider that companies producing video content are more trustworthy. About 71% of consumers also stated that they find videos to be helpful in leaving a positive impression on a company. Experts are also saying and agreeing that videos, among other techniques, are more eye-catching than plain text. The uses of videos are also quickly becoming an important element of website design because of what it can bring – boosted user engagement. 

It does not matter what the video is created for. Whether it is to set the mood or explain a company’s purpose and mission, one fact always remains. Videos present a significant opportunity in convincing a consumer to click. Having said all these, it is now emphasized how much it has become a must for brands to include videos in their marketing campaigns. While this trend is still at its peak, brands must also take advantage of this opportunity for them to further boost their user engagement. 

What can Brands Do?

In the world of video production, live streaming has already become a top service in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia because of how it essentially helped companies create a strong connection with their audience, live and in real time. If you wish to enjoy the same benefits, you must start:

Sharing All Your Live Events

Your audience would likely want to be updated on what’s happening on every event organized by your company. You can use live streaming as a means to be your audience’s eyes and ears. To create that sense of connection with them, why not ask your viewers about the part of the event they wish to see or individuals they like to meet.  This is especially important for press conferences, grand openings, or special announcements.  

Hosting Interviews

Increase user engagement by conducting live interviews either with your clients or employees. Such interviews allows your audience a glimpse of your company‘s human side. Apart from that, it is also helpful in offering personal opinions and ideas. As a rule of thumb, though, never promote your company or brand during interviews. Instead, use it as an opportunity to provide new content to your audience as you focus on the business’ basic aspects. 

Hosting Q&A Sessions

This is a shortened version of a live multi camera webcast produced for MedStar Health and the Lew Schon Innovation Fund. This special event was live streamed from the Inn at the Colonnade in Baltimore Maryland. All camera switching and insertion of graphics, titles, and videos was performed in real time using a TriCaster.

It is expected for the audience or consumers to still have a lot of questions about a company or product no matter how long it’s already in the industry. But hosting Q&A sessions are also something that can help in instances when a new product or service is to be launched. Either way, it would help a lot for a company to organize such sessions to help provide answers to relevant questions they have in mind. But more than providing answers, hosting Q&A questions are vital in showing and letting people feel that the company cares about their opinions and thoughts.

There are more possible ways you can use live streaming for aside from what’s mentioned, like conducting training or showing the creation of a product. But whatever ways you choose to use, it is important to have a professional Baltimore videographer by your side.  See our dedicated page on live streaming and webcasting.

Behind the Scenes of a Live-MultiCam Webcast

On September 16, 2015, Focal Point Productions produced another live, multi camera webcast for MedStar Health.  This was the first webcast for MedStar that took place off the Baltimore hospital's campus.  The "Lew C. Schon Innovation Fund Webcast" was broadcasted from the Inn at the Colonnade.  Production crews arrived at 1:00pm to prepare for the prompt 7:00pm start time. Viewers were able to watch the one hour webcast by visiting MedStar's website, or their Facebook or Twitter page, and ask questions in a customized chatroom.

Equipment used included a TriCaster, 4 HD Cameras, 2 wireless microphones, 4 hard wired lav microphones, two Apple MacBook Pros, a Teradek Vidiu, a four headset intercom system, tally lights, a 10 channel audio mixer, several monitors, and 2,000 + feet of cable.

Behind the scenes photos courtesy of  Debra Schindler.

More Studio Set Up Photos

Presentation / Demonstration Set Up

Three camera set up with tally lights, lighting, and studio monitor.

Three camera set up with tally lights, lighting, and studio monitor.

Point of view from where the talent sits.  Presenters can use their iPad or laptop to show apps, websites, power point presentations, or any type of file.

Point of view from where the talent sits.  Presenters can use their iPad or laptop to show apps, websites, power point presentations, or any type of file.

The over-the-shoulder monitor can be used to display a logo, video, or a live guest via Skype or FaceTime.

The over-the-shoulder monitor can be used to display a logo, video, or a live guest via Skype or FaceTime.

Talk Show / Interview Set Up

Wide shot shows both the host and guest.

Wide shot shows both the host and guest.

all three cameras have tally lights. The host's camera has a teleprompter.

all three cameras have tally lights. The host's camera has a teleprompter.

The third camera shows the guest.  

The third camera shows the guest.  

Watch a sample video here

Control Room

Control room.  The director can switch between 4 cameras and 2 computer/ feeds.  All titles, graphics, logos, photos, and videos are inserted live, thus editing is not required.

Control room.  The director can switch between 4 cameras and 2 computer/ feeds.  All titles, graphics, logos, photos, and videos are inserted live, thus editing is not required.

Tips for a Successful Webcast

Although webcasts are an effective tool for expanding a customer base, cutting costs, and doing business more effectively, being able to host one successfully ensures it has even more value. Making sure there is a pre-webcast checklist is crucial, as is projecting a professional image; appropriate dress, body language, and posture are essential. Maintaining audience engagement is also important; people lose focus about every four minutes, so keeping listeners interested is key. Encourage audience participation by using ongoing Q&A sessions, including a live poll or quiz, and using non-traditional media such as photos and video are successful strategies. Try to use sound bites in the webcast since viewers usually prefer to listen to less lengthy, more concise items. Keeping points and answers to questions as short as possible. As with any presentation, make sure to keep the energy level up and smile. At the end of the webcast, make sure to follow up with the audience by thanking them for attending, adding highlights from the presentation, and including findings from any survey or discussion that may have been included. Also, archive the webcast; having it available at any time ensures those who may have been unable to attend or who would like to watch it again are included.

For more information on live streaming and webcasting, or to schedule your next project in the Maryland or DC areas, we invite you to contact us today.


Benefits of Livestreaming and Webcasting in the Business World

It’s no secret that the world has rapidly become a smaller place, thanks to the Internet. The transfer of information has been revolutionized by technology, allowing individuals and organizations to exchange ideas and data instantaneously. One way in which people are accessing this wider, global audience is through webcasting. 

Webcasting is the process of using the internet as a means of broadcasting audio and video content live. This broadcasting, often called a “push,” is a media presentation circulated over the Internet. It uses streaming media technology to deliver a single content source to many listeners, who may be in many different places, listening at the same time. Sporting events organizers, news stations, musicians and educational institutions have successfully used webcasting to reach a larger audience; social events such as weddings, funerals, and religious events have also availed of this technology. And since 1998, when the first webcast appeared, the use of this technology has steadily gained momentum, especially in the business world, as its enormous potential has quickly been realized.

In March, 2012, ClickMeeting, a company that offers online meeting services, released a telling Infographic on “World Wide Webinars.” After looking at 8,197 online meetings over a 6-month period (205 meetings a week), they found that 68% of businesses were running webinars each month, and 50% held between 4 and 27 webinars a month. For some businesses, the number is higher, and webcasting is becoming an integral part of running a company.

Companies of all sizes are using webcasting for various purposes. Employee or customer training, demonstration and promotion of products and services, maintaining a closer contact with leads, and hosting meetings are the most common ways ambitious and adaptable business people are making use of this modern-day technology.

Just as there are numerous uses for webcasting, there are also numerous benefits to using this technology in business. Like the Internet, which has allowed people to reach a wider audience, webcasting allows businesses to go beyond geographical limitations; as long as a participant has access to the Internet, they are accessible. Having larger audiences for events is also a benefit, as is a reduction in costs: most expenses such as accommodation, travel, venue fees and meals connected to attending events no longer exist when a participant is taking part from their office or home. Another benefit is increased profits as many companies are able to reach more clients, attain results more quickly, and reduce the time and effort needed for marketing and product launches. In addition, by using webcasting technologies, most companies are able to reduce their environmental footprint and become more “green.”

For more information on live streaming and webcasting, or to schedule your next project in the Maryland or DC areas, we invite you to contact us today.




US Lacrosse and MedStar Health Webcast - May 21st

On May 21st, Focal Point Productions and Mid-Atlantic Video Streaming will be producing an hour long webcast for MedStar Health and US Lacrosse on the topic of head and ACL injuries.

Head injuries and ACL knee injuries are two of the health topics with increasing interest to today’s lacrosse players, parents, and coaches. What are the symptoms of a concussion? How long is the healing process? Are there best practices to help prevent ACL injuries? Is surgery always necessary?

Viewers can find out the answers to these questions and more during the live webcast, where medical experts will be available to answer questions.  They can join the conversation using #AskMedStar or #LacrosseHealth on Facebook or Twitter, or by submitting questions in the live chatroom.

The US Lacrosse Sports Science and Safety Committee, in partnership with MedStar Sports Medicine, will present two 30-minute informational sessions on Wednesday evening, May 21, featuring a panel of medical experts to discuss each of these topics. The sessions will be presented in live webinar format, beginning at 7 pm (EST), and will also be recorded and available for review following the original presentation. Panelists for each session are shown below.

You can click here to watch.

MedStar Women's Health Webcast

On November 13th Focal Point Productions and Mid-Atlantic Video Streaming produced an hour long webcast for MedStar Health and MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center on the topic of Women's Health.  

The live event was streamed via Ustream and featured a panel of seven experts who focused on various women's health topics including, women and heart disease, menopause, orthopaedics, breast health, IBS, thyroid disease and bone health. Viewers were able to  join the conversation by commenting and asking questions on Facebook, Twitter and in the chatroom.

28 Hours of Church Conference Live Streamed from Turf Valley Resort

Members of Victory Bible Church International from all over North America (VBCI - North America) came together last week (August 8-11, 2013) at the Turf Valley Resort in Ellicott Maryland for their annual special camp meeting, under the theme, “Wisdom to build the house of God.”

Foal Point Productions, Inc. was selected by VBCI North America to live stream the four day conference. We recorded and streamed the event with four high definition cameras. DVDs of the eight sessions, totaling almost 28 hours, were made available for sale at the conference.

According to the Committee Chair, Pastor Michael Doddoo, "Focal Point is the one stop shop for all your video needs when planning big events and we are satisfied with what we are seeing."

Live Streaming a Firefighter's Funeral

When a firefighter dies in the line of duty, the entire community grieves. Such was the case on May 2nd when Reisterstown Volunteer firefighter Gene Kirchner died after being injured in a fire a week before. 

A full Fire Department funeral was scheduled with thousands of family, friends, and fellow emergency personnel expected to attend. 

Unfortunately, the funeral was to take place at a synagogue which, at most, seats 1,000. As a result, the firefighter’s family and Reisterstown Volunteer Fire Company turned to Focal Point to make arrangements to stream the service live online. That way, mourners could attend the service virtually if they could not be there in person. 

With less then 20 hours notice, Focal Point put together a plan and prepared to stream the service live.  With only 1 1/2 hours of spreading the word via Twitter, Facebook, and email, over 3,000 devices tuned in to watch parts of the service, with a constant viewership of approximately 550 devices. The number of actual viewers may have been much higher as it's unknown how many people were watching each device.

Approximatlely 70 firefighters and EMTs gathered at the nearby Chestnut Ridge Volunteer Fire Company to watch the live stream on two computers

Approximatlely 70 firefighters and EMTs gathered at the nearby Chestnut Ridge Volunteer Fire Company to watch the live stream on two computers

A recorded version of the service was posted the next day on YouTube and within 24 hours it garnered 1500 views, and dozens of comments, shares, and Likes on Facebook.

Focal Point is proud to enable Firefighter Gene Kirchner’s family to share his funeral service with others who mourned his loss.