Apartment Tour Videos in Virginia

In August we traveled to Arlington, VA to record two apartment video tours for The Bozzuto Group at Falls Green. In just under 3 hours we recorded two tours using the Canon EOSR, Rode GO, Ronin S, and some battery powered LED lights.

All Day Coverage for New Hospital Grand Opening

On August 25th, our team helped Adventist HealthCare with the grand opening of their newest hospital - White Oak Medical Center. Our twelve hour day included recording several interviews and broll of patients arriving via ambulance. During a short break we edited together some highlights to send to local media that missed the activities or arrived late.

Video Production in Washington DC

Last month the Focal Point crew of videographers headed to Washington DC to produce several promotional videos for Law IQ. Production equipment included a Canon C200, Canon EOSR, several Canon lenses, iKan teleprompter, Sennheiser boom mic, and much more.


This was our second time creating videos for Law IQ. In early 2018 we produced almost 30 videos for a large marketing and promotional campaign. One of those videos is featured below. The 2019 videos should be completed and delivered shortly.

Promotional and Testimonial Videos for Charter Radiology

Charter Radiology of Columbia and Reisterstown has recently joined the family of Focal Point clients. FPP was hired by Arvinder Daisy Uppal, M.D., President and CEO of Charter, to produce a series of promotional and testimonials videos for the practice.

Patient Video Testimonials

When GBMC needs a Baltimore Videographer, they frequently turn to Focal Point. FPP has had a long term relationship with GBMC , and over the years we’ve produced dozens of videos for them.

In August 2019 we produced a patient testimonial for GBMC’s Milton J. Dance, Jr., Head and Neck Center.

Special Events for M&T Bank

M&T Bank hired the team at Focal Point Productions to record several special events in Baltimore during the summer. M&T sponsored a “pop up shop” in Downtown Baltimore featuring several small business customers of the bank. Baltimore videographers from Focal Point recorded five of these unique events - recording B-roll and interviews.

Concerts for Greenberg Gibbons

Throughout the summer, Focal Point Productions was hired by Greenberg Gibbons Commercial of Owings Mills, to record and edit videos of their summer concert series taking place at shopping centers around the area. Focal Point worked closely with the client to provide a team of videographers to concerts taking place at Foundry Row, Hunt Valley Towne Centre, Waugh Chapel Towne Center, and Turf Valley Towne Square.

Multicamera Interview for Chesapeake Urology at iHeartRadio

Thanks to team member Zephan Moses Blaxberg for recording this interview with Dr. Siegel of Chesapeake Urology at iHeartRadio. Dr. Siegel shared his story and the work Chesapeake Urology is doing with free Prostate screenings in the Baltimore community and their annual Prostate Cancer Run on September 22nd at Towson University.

For this shoot we used three cameras (a Canon C200 and two Canon EOSRs) along with LED lighting and two microphones.

Using Cellular Bonding for Live Streaming

On August 15th, the team at Focal Point produced a Facebook Live broadcast for Adventist Health - Washington Adventist Hospital.

The new hospital wanted to live stream the official ribbon cutting ceremony of the new medical center. Speakers included Adventist HealthCare President and CEO Terry Forde and U.S. Rep. John Sarbanes (D-MD) as they celebrated ahead of the opening of the new hospital on August 25.

What made this broadcast so unique was it was taking place outside in the hospital’s parking lot - making it difficult to get an internet connection to the location and our broadcast equipment.

Our live streaming team used the Teradek Vidiu Go, which bonds cellular signals (along with wifi and ethernet if available) to make 1 strong and reliable internet connection.

The live stream lasted 51 minutes and had a peak of 19 viewers.


We were excited to be apart of our 16th webcast for a local hospital system in April. The hour long webcast discussed the future of Orthopedics and was held in Timonium. We brought with us a total of 9 team members to help us with this highly informative and complex event.

The evening kicked off with 5 panelists, answering questions about the facility, treatment options and procedures, and also brought in rehabilitation specialists to show the audience different physical therapy exercises. LIVE attendees were able to write in with questions and comments on Facebook, some of which were asked directly to the panelists in real time. Those that weren’t, had a person available to answer questions also in real time on the feed.

This Facebook Live broadcast had a peak of 62 LIVE viewers, which was double the amount of viewers that we had last September 2018 for the Breast Cancer Awareness live cast.  This week’s Ortho webcast had almost 5,000 minutes viewed and 320 engagements within two days.

The Art of Nursing Awards - GBMC

Pictured from left to right: MARTY JENOFF, TY GENTNER, GABBY Sturgeon, Kevin Casey, Kane Rose, Sean freeman, dennard brown, rodney mitchell, victor fink, zephan blaxberg, angie Auth, and josh land.

Pictured from left to right: MARTY JENOFF, TY GENTNER, GABBY Sturgeon, Kevin Casey, Kane Rose, Sean freeman, dennard brown, rodney mitchell, victor fink, zephan blaxberg, angie Auth, and josh land.

On May 9th we took part in the Live Streaming of the “Art of Nursing Awards” for GBMC. This was our largest and most difficult live streaming production ever.  We were joined by 13 crew members, all working a 12 hour day each to ensure a successful event, plus dozens of hours of pre-production planning by the team as well.

We deployed 10 cameras and the broadcast included almost 100 titles, videos, photos, and graphics.  Other equipment involved constituted a teleprompter, wireless intercom, fiber optic cabling, and several of other secrets.  There were also 40+ pages of scripts and rundown.

This Facebook Live was hosted by WMAR-2 News Baltimore Skyler Henry and Mallory Sofastaii.

The massive event celebrated the nursing staff at GBMC, and invited beforehand interviews, previously recorded videos, which included an insight into the life of a nurse, the schooling that it requires, and the joy that the nurses face as well as the hard times. This unique and genuine view into this profession, was not only eye opening but incredibly heart warming. The word “celebrate” was used several times, and the value felt by the nurses through GBMC was evident in every conversation. Retiring nurses were also celebrated, as well as new projects including a practice being built for the Helping Up Mission in Baltimore City. At one point in the ceremony, the Helping Up Mission Choir sang for everyone as well.

With so many facets of this complicated program we were excited to be able to provide all of the footage that encompassed this motivating event. We look forward to seeing more from GBMC in the future!

Special thanks to Tracey Brown of Papercamera Photography for the below photos.

Feel free to take a look at the Awards Night Footage via the following links:



A Busy Spring Season

We wanted to tell you a little bit about what we have been up to as far as projects! We’ve been extremely busy and are thrilled to have so many impactful and inspirational clients. With dozens of corporate shoots, live streams, and different (sometimes intricate) projects spanning throughout Baltimore, our schedule has been packed. We’ve had the pleasure of working with the Archdiocese of Baltimore, M&T Bank, Adventist Hospital, GBMC, Chesapeake Urology, University of Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University, Peabody Preparatory, Event Tech, The Baltimore Station, Junior Achievement, Towson University, and more!

May and June are lined up to be equally as busy, and we look forward to showing you more of our work here on our blog. We hope you’ll stay tuned for the upcoming posts as well as links so that you too can join in and visit our live streams. Please take a look at our photo gallery below to see a few close-ups from our latest events.

Questions about our work and Focal Point? Contact Marty at Marty@focalpp.com

Spring Speaking Engagements


Last week on April 9th, I was invited to give a presentation at the Baltimore Public Relations Council’s 3rd annual Social Media Spring Training event held at the Loyola University Maryland Graduate Center. Per their website: BPRC provides a forum for public relations professionals to exchange ideas with their peers and to mold ethical standards for their work, thereby improving their effectiveness.

As one of five presenters giving information to the audience on social media, I enjoyed giving everyone key information on Producing a Successful Facebook Live. Other topics at the event included demonstrating social media ROI, and infographics for social media. Attendees were able to leave with new skills that helped them to strategize and expand upon their social media knowledge.


Later that night, I was able to give another talk in length on Live Streaming for the Baltimore Videographers Association. Per their website: The Baltimore Videographers Association (BVA) is a non-profit organization of video professionals in the Greater Baltimore Area. Our members are dedicated to the improvement of our industry, and the creation of a sharing environment among its members. As a group, we pursue the betterment of our industry and of our individual knowledge.

Giving information on Successful Live Streaming as a speaker, consultant or to train is enjoyable to me because I am able to speak more about this passion and platform, and help others learn more about a topic that can be extremely useful for their brand. I spoke about the process of a live stream project, different ways to upload video, and what types of equipment are needed to ensure a live stream that goes smoothly. Lastly, I went over some of the types of problems that you may encounter doing a live stream as well. By discussing the project and then troubleshooting towards the end, the audience left with not only knowledge of how-to but better expectations for their project.

If you’d like to learn more information about booking Marty for individual or team trainings, speaking or as a consultant, please reach out to: Marty@focalpp.com

US Department of State Live Stream

Focal Point was hired by the US Department of State to live stream Secretary Michael Pompeo’s remarks at the Army War College in Carlise, PA on April 1, 2019. The live and recorded video was provided to TV stations and network around the world, and featured on the State Departments website.

Producing a Multicamera Facebook Live Event

Focal Point's team pulled off a great production for the GBMC - Comprehensive Obesity Management Program (COMP) Annual Reveal Holiday Party, which took place on December 13th at Martin's West. Our crew of 7 provided IMAG and livestreamed the event on Facebook Live, using a TriCaster TC1, 6 cameras, a crane, 20+ videos, 50+ slides, and other graphics.

Multi-Camera Annual Meeting Live Stream


On November 15, 2018, the crew at Focal Point Productions was hired to record aTedX Talk style annual meeting for medical institution.

Originally this was supposed to be "Live to tape" and record each camera ISO for editing. But at the last minute (due to an unexpected snow and ice storm) the client asked about live streaming - which we did.


Our team of of five people used our NewTek TriCaster TC1 with:
1 - Canon C300 - static wide shot of the stage (unsure what lens)
2 - Canon C200 - CU of presenter (70-200mm)
3 - Canon C200 - audience cutaways and a profile CU of presenter (70-200mm)
4 - Canon C200 - on a Kessler Second Shooter, on the ground low angle looking up at the stage (wide angle lens, unsure exactly on the lens)
5 - NewTek PTZ camera via NDI - back stage looking out at audience with presenter in forground
6 - Canon C100 - in back corner of the room by the TriCaster. HDMI out of the camera to a BM HDMI-SDI converter then into a SDI Connect Spark (NDI into the TriCaster). (11-16mm)
7 - Power point slides with audio - HDMI out of a laptop into Connect Spark

Audio and lighting done by a 3rd party vendor. We supplied two 65" TVs.

ME4 and Mix 4 on the TriCaster fed power point slides to the 2 TVs.

B&O Railroad Museum Polar Express

We had a ton of fun recording the B&O Railroad Museum Polar Express train ride on Friday, November 16th. Unfortunately all rides for 2018 are sold out. But if you wait a week or two, you can catch our special video!