Tips for Video Marketing Production

Video marketing helps improve and boost the exposure of your business, market share and sales. With the increasing popularity of video hosting sites such as Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, etc., video marketing and videography services continuously grows by leaps and bounds. 

With the new technology, the convenience and ease of making a sales video becomes more and more user-friendly. Nowadays, even the average person can completely create a professional-looking video with minimal cost, and have it live within a few hours or even minutes. 

More of the market continuously adapts to watching video marketing messages. Reading of sales letters, emails, and other marketing messages results in more ad blindness from your niche or target market. 

Here are very simple tips to create an effective video marketing plan.

  • Know your target market – more like an effective sales letter, a great videography or video marketing message requires you to be knowledgeable of your target market’s current problems, needs, or issues that are needed to be solved. After you’ve identified the problems you desire to address in your video marketing message, proceed to the next step. Establish a way how your service or product can solve that problem. This needs to be the basic theme of your video marketing message.
  • Write you plan of action – Write out a script or storyboard of your video marketing message. You should plan out a start, middle, and an ending of your videography message.
  • Adapt the message to your target marketing with 3 points – Ensure to boil your message down to your target market in 3 point. In this way, you’ll be able to make your video message much easier to understand and be remembered. State you 3 main sales points and briefly elaborate on each one by simply providing antidotes, examples, or illustrations.
  • Don’t make long messages – Avoid making long messages in your video marketing message. Your messages needs to be punchy, brief, and targeted to one specific problem of your customers. Fight the temptation of selling in the videography. Just refer them to your website where you can have more space and room to explain what you’re offering, prove your claims to be true, and inspire them a call to action.
  • Call to action – Even though you shouldn’t use this video marketing message to close a sale, you still need to have an effective call to action at the end of the video. The call to action should direct your viewers to your website, to your business physical address, or to call you.
  • Keyword Optimization – It’s very sad to see people taking the previous steps, making an excellent videography message with very dynamic call to action and powerful sales point, but fail to do one of the most important details: optimization of keyword in the video. They fail to place the right keywords that will call the attention of search engine traffic or they have listed the keywords that are very competitive. You need to master and learn the keyword optimization and its principles. 

By following these very simple yet powerful ideas, you can instantly take your business to next level by simple providing targeted, powerful niche marketing videos.

Importance of Including Videos in Your Marketing Plan


The concept of video marketing or videography in Baltimore isn’t a new one in promoting products or services to the customers, but nowadays it’s considered one of the most trending and important advertising methods. Visual presentations are much more attractive to a company compared to plain text presentations. People tend to pay much more attention to a video than plain text or image documentation. Video marketing is now much more in demand as an effective marketing tool. Businesspeople often use it as a reliable tool in order to make a service or product more attractive and compelling. The video marketing or videography services in Baltimore offer a type of advertising where the videos are used in order to create a demand for services or products, and make it much more attractive to prospective markets.

Spreads your brand visually

A video marketing service will enable your brand to easily spread information about the service or product that you offer, and its benefits. The video can be placed on your website or another site that customers may be able to view it based on their interests. The best and most practical way to use a videography service in Baltimore is by posting the video on the most popular video hosting sites like YouTube and Facebook. Popular merchant websites, like Amazon, can promote your new products through the use of your professionally produced videos. By hosting the videos these websites, people who are visiting the website can quickly realize that there’s a new product offered by the company. 

Video marketing and social media

Video marketing in social sites and hosting sites is one dynamic and effective marketing strategy. One social media sites like YouTube, posting your promotional videography of products or services is valuable to attract potential and new customers in Baltimore. Even so, these promotional videos should target the interested customers so that the hit and response rate increases together with the sales of the service or product. In this sense, there’s a need to create brand responsiveness in order to encourage more and more people to pay attention to the latest offering of the company. In similar way, search developers must target buying customers as it is important for these kinds of videos to reach this demographic. Videography is proving to be the best solution in making information completely available to potential customers in Baltimore.

Product Promotion

There are a lot of ways to advertise your service or product and video marketing is one of them. It’s a very influential marketing strategy which has been used by a lot of businesses today. Its importance in marketing various services and products is very helpful is establishing good relations to the market. There are a lot of businesses that make use of it together with the text marketing and other marketing strategies. The internet or web based videography has a potential demand from the companies in Baltimore or around the world that are looking or low cost alternatives in order to ensure that their services or products will reach the people for whom it’s really intended. Because of the present circumstances, video marketing is now considered as the most in demand marketing strategy for online advertising.

How the Medical Industry Benefits from Video Production

In the competitive healthcare industry, the use of videos offer exciting benefits that allow patients easy access to essential medical information. As new treatments and technologies develop on a continuing basis, patients are provided with the best and latest information and care. Today, healthcare videos educate patients about superior care tailored to their medical needs. 

Over the past few years many hospitals, practitioners, and medical centers have been producing videos showing their success stories. It is considered an effective and practical tool in delivering their message to a wide audience - no matter the time or location. 

If you are looking for professional videographers to assist you in this endeavor, you can find them in Baltimore, Maryland and throughout Howard County. Focal Point Productions will guide you in creating a quality video production. 

How Can Video Technology Boost the Success of Your Business?

In today’s digital generation, technology plays a vital role in the daily lives of individuals. Its helpful in the field of education, entertainment, communication and business. Through the continuous innovation of technology, nothing is impossible for your business. 

As an aspiring business man or woman in Baltimore, Maryland, you can attain success ifyouestablish a powerful tool to advertise your business. One example of elevating your business is to by using a Baltimore video production company. Moreover, you should also choose the best local expert in the video production industry.  The following are some helpful ideas on how video production can help your business succeed. 

Helpful Tips on How Video Production Can Elevate Your Business on Top

  • Every businesses should create a video that can promote the visions and missions of the company. With this, people can create an impression about your products and/or services and possibly choose your. 
  • Unveil new products or services. In your marketing plans, announcing new product or services can attract the attention of many people. With the help of a professional videographer, you can create a professional video introducing your unique product or services.      
  • Establish an event video or explanatory video that can introduce the scope of your products and services. You can include in the video the benefits that they can get when they choose your services. 
  • Allow your past customers to voice out the excellent quality that you provide. In your video, you can include the truthful testimonials of your past valuable clients. With this, you can convince others that you are a reputable and professional business whom they can trust. 
  • You can receive more social shares. The nice thing about video production is that people who become interested in your specific video can automatically share it to their friends through different social networking sites. As a result, you can effortlessly reach more customers. 
  • Since people of all ages are using the internet in their daily lives, you can continually share it to others. With its affordability and great quality, video technology is now getting more popular in the business world. Through video marketing, you can create a good name and reputation in the public, and have it work for you 24/7/365. 
  • Include some form of entertainment. Internet users commonly look for something new and different. Well, with the help of an expert videographer, you can be entertain your potential customers while giving them valuable information about your company. Having good video content is the key to success in the online world.       

 With just a single video, you can begin to promote your business. What are you waiting for? Use professional video production in Baltimore now to attain the goals of your business! 

Get the Most of Video Marketing for Your Business

Including video marketing in business campaigns is one way of ensuring greater sales at the end of the day. Experts say that media is an effective channel or medium at which a business can connect easily to its consumers. In the marketing or advertising industry, many business owners have realized the potential of producing videos to promote a certain brand or product or services. A video can effectively manage to carry out the activities of a business at any day ,  while allowing its target audience to get the message through visual and audio technology. 

As video production becomes widely tech-driven in all parts of the world, majority of business owners and entrepreneurs are taking advantage on the popularity of video for their marketing goals. Through videos, your audience can interact with your content when they have the time to watch the video wherever they are. They can easily give opinions and feedback on what they saw, andcompare it with your written content. 

When promoting a new brand or product of your business, video marketing is an essential tool that will deliver your message to people in a more direct manner.  You have to be very careful with the language that you’re going to use in the video because all of your audience may not share the same language as yours. The use of images should also be taken into consideration to meet your video marketing goals.

Any media campaign, such as producing a video, will help your business. Creating videos for your business is easier today since you can use a smart phone or tablet. With simple tools you have at home, you can produce a high quality video that will surely help you carry out all your marketing plans for your business. If you are hesitant to create the video on your own then you can ask for help from professional videographers to assist you with your needs. Videographers in Baltimore are an excellent choice for your video production. They can come up with an event video for your product launching and other business activities. Take note that poor quality video can pose a negative image to your business so make sure that you’re making it right for your viewers. Be creative enough on your videos so you will attract larger audiences. 

Great quality videos in your marketing campaign will help your business grow. Use those videos as a powerful medium in reaching out to your target audience. You should impart knowledge and information to your consumers through your videos. As much as possible, see to it that you leave a good impression to your viewers about your business so they will continue wanting for more videos that you are about to produce it the future. 


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Anatomy of a Good Video

There is no doubt that videos are not only essential marketing tools; but they are also crucial to search engine optimization and should therefore be part of any commercial website. However, not just any video will do.

A video embedded on a website must be of a certain quality. Anything less could prove to be detrimental to your website’s rank, customer appeal, and overall company impression. Here are a few elements that form the structure of a good video:

  • Length: Videos such be concise. No one wants to listen to any advertising that is more than a few seconds long. The acceptable range is between 30 seconds and 90 seconds.
  • Confidence and professionalism: The voices used and the person(s) in the video must display confidence and be professional in all mannerisms. Background and props should also reflect professionalism as well as appropriateness.
  • Message/Script: The message should be crisp, clear, persuasive, and flawless in tone and grammar. It should pique the viewer’s interest from the very beginning.
  • Formatting: Wide screen format is more appropriate.
  • Titles: All video titles should be clear, relevant, and effective in saying what exactly the video is about.
  • Audio: The audio should be of superb quality. 

All these elements collectively enhance a video’s overall quality and appeal. Remember, the idea behind videos is not only to get your message across; but to also get customers and visitors to watch and share them. Therefore, do not skimp on quality equipment or hiring a professional video production service.

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What Do a Podiatrist, Bankruptcy Lawyer, Realtor, Accountant, Insurance Agent, Hospital, and University All Have in Common??

Answer:  These are just some of the clients I'm currently producing videos for.  2013 has been extremely busy so far, and it's only February.  So far we've already completed ten videos, in the process of shooting or editing a dozen, and have several more coming up soon.

Most of our current productions are webcasts and web marketing/promotional videos.  "Web" is the key.  Almost every client's goal is to add video to their online library.

We look forward to showing you our work as soon as it's complete.