Professional Video Shoot in Pikesville Oct. 3rd with Bold Business Works

I partner with small business coach Deborah Gallant to produce 90-second web commercials to use in your Internet marketing.  We do it in workshop format, bring five participants together in the same place on the same day so Deborah can be your coach and off-camera interviewer and I bring the lighting, sound, set, and green screen.  For the still amazingly-low price of $350 we will create a fully-finished digital video for you!  See samples at

More details are here

More Workshop Videos with Bold Business Works

We recently held another video workshop session with Deborah Gallant of Bold Business Works.  Below are two videos from Awaken Wellness and Work Wonders.  More to come soon.

Benefits Of Adding A Video To Your Website

Without question, a video is a powerfully effective marketing tool. In terms of Search Engine Optimization, there is no other single effective method for increasing conversion. No matter what marketing niche, a video embedded on any website will generate more traffic.  Also, a video is a great way to get your brand known and recognized. 

Here are a few other benefits of having a video on your website:

  • It creates an interactive environment: Embedded videos do not all have to be about sales. They can be used for any and everything including updates, tutorials, et cetera.
  • It connects more compellingly to an audience that does not respond well to text. The reality is that not everybody likes to read or can read. A video that delivers straightforward information reaches and appeals to this audience and beyond.
  • A video can reveal in a few seconds the same message that would require a few hundred words of text to say.
  • If an actual person or face is used in the video, it delivers a more personal effect which some people relate well to. 
  • There are online marketing websites like YouTube, and others, that are exclusive to videos only. Think of the number of potential customers that you would be isolating if you did not tap into these marketing channels.
  • It is a great way to explain tedious or complex procedures. Showing while explaining is great visual learning for countless people.