Medical Promotional Videos for Chesapeake Urology


Focal Point Productions recently produced several medical promotional videos for Chesapeake Urology.  The videos feature three care providers discussing a new treatment being offered for women.  The series will be released on Chesapeake Urology's YouTube account, Facebook page, and website.

In this production, the team used a Canon C100, teleprompter, four lights, and a boom microphone.  Each shoot lasted just over two hours, including time for set up, breakdown, and the actual recording.  

Working Together to Create a "Facebook Live" Broadcast for Calvert Education


On June 15, 2018, Focal Point Productions worked with Larmar Video and Everclear Video (both members of the Baltimore Videographers Association) to produce a Facebook Live broadcast for Calvert Education.  People from all over the country and world tuned in to watch the school's first  high school graduation, which took place at the Royal Sonesta in Baltimore, Maryland.

The three camera production was streamed live to Calvert Education's Facebook page.

Baltimore County Police Foundation Sponsorship

Focal Point Productions was proud and honored to have been a sponsor for the Baltimore County Police Foundation Annual Awards Program. The team at FPP produced 8 videos showcasing Baltimore County's finest.


Facebook Live Studio Webcast for MSYSA

Hi everyone, this is Brooks Gray. I am an intern this semester at Focal Point Productions, underneath of Marty Jenoff. On February 11, 2018, Focal Point  hosted the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA) for their State Cup tournament draw. This was FPP's third year for producing this live webcast from our Owings Mills Maryland video production studio.  

The live video was streamed to the MSYSA Facebook page, and had a peak of 83 concurrent viewers.  By the next day, the video had more then 9.100 minutes viewed and 180 post engagements, making it a huge success.

I was in charge of the Facebook live comments. It was my first time running the system, but I ended up managing it to the best of my ability. Marty was working the TriCaster TC 1, which is a video switcher, recorder, and live streaming device. The TriCaster can also add titles, graphics, power point slides, and other elements to the program. Another intern, Greg, operated the teleprompter for the host. Ty, a crew member was the floor manager in the studio. Overall, everyone did a great job and we helped the MSYSA to assure everything ran smoothly. 

-Brooks Gray 

Corporate Town Hall Meetings

Focal Point Productions was recently hired by Sheppard Pratt Health System to live stream their quarterly town hall meetings.  The Towson, MD based health system has offices and affiliates throughout the state, - and they wanted those employees to be able to watch the company meetings live and in real time.  Each quarterly meeting will take place in a different location.

Five Days of "Facebook Live" Broadcasting from Orlando

Two weeks ago our crew packed up a uHaul, and drove to Orlando, Florida for the BBYO International Convention 2018.  Focal Point Productions was hired to live stream 5 days of festivities from the Hyatt Regency Orlando for the Washington DC based Jewish teen youth group.  Eight shows from two different locations were broadcasted for a combined 8.5 hours on Facebook Live.

Our equipment consisted of a NewTek TriCaster TC1 (with a control surface), four cameras, a Teradek Bolt, Teradek Cube, NewTek Connect Spark, four laptop computers, and lots more.

At the end of the five day convention, the combined 8 Facebook Live shows had more then 160,000 minutes watched, 6,400 post engagements, 1,600 comments, and a reach of almost 70,000.  And those numbers will continue to grow as more people watch, share, and comment the videos.  The videos were also uploaded to YouTube and have 4,000+ combined views.

Video Production as a Tool to Market Hospital and Medical Services

Healthcare is an essential aspect in the daily lifestyle of the millions of people all over the world. There are circumstances when patients need the assistance and support of expert health personnel. They will need to find a hospital and doctor that can satisfy their specific needs. 

Meanwhile, are you an up-and-coming medical professional? Do you work for a particular hospital in Baltimore, Maryland? Well, for sure you want to gain more patients to attain a high degree of sales and income in the medical field. However, it cannot be denied that it is difficult to convince more customers to choose your medical services.   

Fortunately, there is a perfect solution for that. This can be done through medical video production in Baltimore, Howard County, Carrol County, Anne Arundel County, and the surrounding area. There are several video producers that are toughly competing with each other in the market. With this, you need to be very careful in selecting the best one, thus it can greatly affect the success of your medical institution. 

To mention a few, the following are some of the advantages that you can expect from a professional videographer, such as Focal Point Productions. 

  • Get more potential clients with a professional and creative video. With the help of a videography services provider, you can create a new video that can serve as your powerful tool to market your hospital services. Since the internet and social media plays a major part in people’s daily lifestyle, you can upload your video to different social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. 
  • You can share your own story and you can also show how you perform the medical services to your patients. The good thing about this is that your video can serve as an online campaign to boost the success of your business. Additionally, you can also reach a wide audience, possibly and hopefully becoming new patients.    
  • It can be a powerful tool to create a definite impression among your audience. As a matter of fact, it can be your chance to form a good and solid reputation with the public. With just a single click, you can convince a person to choose your medical services. In return, you can widely welcome more patients and better patient satisfaction. 
  • It’s the perfect method to promote your medical services without sacrificing a big amount of your money. With this, you can save more money and time when it comes to advertising your business. It can be the best marketing strategy that you can use to attain your business’ goals and dreams in a fast, reliable, easy as well as professional manner. 
  • Videos can also introduce patients to your entire professional team and how they work together in the workplace. With this, your potential customers can create a definite impression about your medical services. With social media, they can even share your videos with their friends, and help promote your services. 

Engaging with a Baltimore video production team will help keep you on top of the competition in the medical industry.   

Video Production: Leading People into More Personalized Healthcare Experience

Whether you are managing a huge urban healthcare facility or small rural hospital, the use of video productions in Baltimore is increasingly becoming successful in handling managerial, educational, and patient issues. One way of ensuring that all the patients, as well as other people involved in the healthcare facility, will get more satisfied with the services and process is to use videography or video marketing.  They are getting more popular methods, especially in Baltimore. With video technology, your other collaborative strategies will end up with great results. By using high quality videos as part of your videography strategy allows the doctors and staff to connect with their patients, as well as to other medical staff.

Continued education and learning

Today, technology is making everything possible. There needs to be a continuous flow of information between healthcare professionals and the public. Videography is a great tool in reaching targeted patients of a healthcare facility. Now, doctors can share their learning with their patients, peers or even other clinics through videos.
Better awareness. With the latest technology for videography, it will be now faster and easier for you to let the public be aware of the medical treatments and any other services. Videos can be uploaded to YouTube and any other social media platforms. These videos can be uploaded hours or days after the shoot.  You may also include a video about FAQs in medicine and tips on a certain topic. By doing so, you will be able to let the public know that you are capable in handling queries and provide prompt

So in the coming months and years, adding a series of professional videos to your healthcare facility’s media plan is a great way to provide the public with more personalized healthcare services.

Tips when being Interviewed

There are instances when you will get interviewed by the news media or for a video production on certain issues wherein they need your point of view. Interviews are greatly common today since it is one way of accumulating information from significant individuals.

If you are someone who will be interviewed by a videographer in Baltimore or Maryland, it is always best to prepare and practice to make the interview a good one. 

Getting interviewed is a big opportunity since it means great exposure for you and your company. 

Tips when you are being interviewed 

There are times that you will feel tense or nervous just before the interview and it is a common scenario. Everyone experience jitters. However, because of these, people tend to ruin their own interview since they may begin to stutter or even provide answers that are unrelated to the questions given by the interviewer.

If you want your interview to finish in a smooth pace and be unforgettable, here are some tips that you should keep in mind.

Be prepared

The interviewer should not be the sole person prepared for the interview.  You must also be ready. It is always best to be equipped, especially if you are briefed about the questions. Preparing your responses is good.  While you should practice, don’t over practice or rehearse.  Your delivery should sound natural and unscripted. 

Be confident

Confidence is always the key and having it when being interviewed will give you the best outcome. There are several people that are interviewed repeatedly because they are knowledgeable and confident. If you have the confidence, you will surely answer all the questions of the interviewer no matter how complicated it can get, because you know that you can overcome it. Just believe in yourself.

Wear presentable clothes

In every interview, you must be aware of your presentation and that will be defined by the clothes you wear. Always look presentable when being interviewed because it is one of the factors that you have complete control over. Don’t just wear clothes that you like but always wear the one that is appropriate for the interview.  Its typically recommended to avoid pinstripes, tight patterns, and all white shirts.

Always be on time

There are times that you may take an hour or two just to fix yourself without noticing that you are running late for the interview. When being interviewed, it is always best to be on time or arrive early so that you can get accustomed with the environment and will still have the time to relax.

Being interviewed is nerve wrecking especially if its your first time.  Using a local Baltimore video production can help you become more comfortable and relaxed. If you follow these tips, you will definitely overcome the interview and finish it with flying colors.


Tips for Video Marketing Production

Video marketing helps improve and boost the exposure of your business, market share and sales. With the increasing popularity of video hosting sites such as Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, etc., video marketing and videography services continuously grows by leaps and bounds. 

With the new technology, the convenience and ease of making a sales video becomes more and more user-friendly. Nowadays, even the average person can completely create a professional-looking video with minimal cost, and have it live within a few hours or even minutes. 

More of the market continuously adapts to watching video marketing messages. Reading of sales letters, emails, and other marketing messages results in more ad blindness from your niche or target market. 

Here are very simple tips to create an effective video marketing plan.

  • Know your target market – more like an effective sales letter, a great videography or video marketing message requires you to be knowledgeable of your target market’s current problems, needs, or issues that are needed to be solved. After you’ve identified the problems you desire to address in your video marketing message, proceed to the next step. Establish a way how your service or product can solve that problem. This needs to be the basic theme of your video marketing message.
  • Write you plan of action – Write out a script or storyboard of your video marketing message. You should plan out a start, middle, and an ending of your videography message.
  • Adapt the message to your target marketing with 3 points – Ensure to boil your message down to your target market in 3 point. In this way, you’ll be able to make your video message much easier to understand and be remembered. State you 3 main sales points and briefly elaborate on each one by simply providing antidotes, examples, or illustrations.
  • Don’t make long messages – Avoid making long messages in your video marketing message. Your messages needs to be punchy, brief, and targeted to one specific problem of your customers. Fight the temptation of selling in the videography. Just refer them to your website where you can have more space and room to explain what you’re offering, prove your claims to be true, and inspire them a call to action.
  • Call to action – Even though you shouldn’t use this video marketing message to close a sale, you still need to have an effective call to action at the end of the video. The call to action should direct your viewers to your website, to your business physical address, or to call you.
  • Keyword Optimization – It’s very sad to see people taking the previous steps, making an excellent videography message with very dynamic call to action and powerful sales point, but fail to do one of the most important details: optimization of keyword in the video. They fail to place the right keywords that will call the attention of search engine traffic or they have listed the keywords that are very competitive. You need to master and learn the keyword optimization and its principles. 

By following these very simple yet powerful ideas, you can instantly take your business to next level by simple providing targeted, powerful niche marketing videos.

Marty Jenoff Featured as Guest on Popular "Final Cut Pro Radio" Podcast

Earlier today the latest episode of the popular podcast "Final Cut Pro Radio" was released, and it features a 1 hour interview with Marty Jenoff.  In the show, host Richard Taylor and Marty discuss  why he prefer Final Cut Pro X, the Baltimore video production market, and some tips and workflows.  Listen to the podcast here.

Importance of Including Videos in Your Marketing Plan


The concept of video marketing or videography in Baltimore isn’t a new one in promoting products or services to the customers, but nowadays it’s considered one of the most trending and important advertising methods. Visual presentations are much more attractive to a company compared to plain text presentations. People tend to pay much more attention to a video than plain text or image documentation. Video marketing is now much more in demand as an effective marketing tool. Businesspeople often use it as a reliable tool in order to make a service or product more attractive and compelling. The video marketing or videography services in Baltimore offer a type of advertising where the videos are used in order to create a demand for services or products, and make it much more attractive to prospective markets.

Spreads your brand visually

A video marketing service will enable your brand to easily spread information about the service or product that you offer, and its benefits. The video can be placed on your website or another site that customers may be able to view it based on their interests. The best and most practical way to use a videography service in Baltimore is by posting the video on the most popular video hosting sites like YouTube and Facebook. Popular merchant websites, like Amazon, can promote your new products through the use of your professionally produced videos. By hosting the videos these websites, people who are visiting the website can quickly realize that there’s a new product offered by the company. 

Video marketing and social media

Video marketing in social sites and hosting sites is one dynamic and effective marketing strategy. One social media sites like YouTube, posting your promotional videography of products or services is valuable to attract potential and new customers in Baltimore. Even so, these promotional videos should target the interested customers so that the hit and response rate increases together with the sales of the service or product. In this sense, there’s a need to create brand responsiveness in order to encourage more and more people to pay attention to the latest offering of the company. In similar way, search developers must target buying customers as it is important for these kinds of videos to reach this demographic. Videography is proving to be the best solution in making information completely available to potential customers in Baltimore.

Product Promotion

There are a lot of ways to advertise your service or product and video marketing is one of them. It’s a very influential marketing strategy which has been used by a lot of businesses today. Its importance in marketing various services and products is very helpful is establishing good relations to the market. There are a lot of businesses that make use of it together with the text marketing and other marketing strategies. The internet or web based videography has a potential demand from the companies in Baltimore or around the world that are looking or low cost alternatives in order to ensure that their services or products will reach the people for whom it’s really intended. Because of the present circumstances, video marketing is now considered as the most in demand marketing strategy for online advertising.

How Video Can Benefit the Medical Field?

Not only can educational institutions and businesses benefit from online videos, but the healthcare industry can as well. It is crucial both for the medical staff and patients. 

Whether it is a small-town facility or a large city hospital, videography can successfully address the patient’s educational and staff’s managerial questions and concerns. Video live streaming, video marketing and other solutions can provide excellent end products, especially in the medical field. High definition videos with compelling stories can allow medical personnelto make personal connections with patients in an easy and instant manner. 

Online videos have benefitted many individuals and organizations. Anyone can easily now have the chance to reach a global audience, which is an essential ingredient in reaching the peak of success in any field. Today, the medical field has realized the valuable use of videography. It doesn’t only entertain viewers, but proves reliability, knowledge, credibility, and trustworthiness as well. 

Here’s how video can improve the healthcare industry:

Saves money

Video lessens the amount of travel and other important resources. Physicians can immediately present their knowledge, training, and view points to prospective or new patients - at any time.  A patient 100 miles away from the hospital can watch a doctor’s profile video at 2:00am.

Improves interaction 

With quality videography, training new sets of employees can be done in huge groups and across various locations, for common concerns such as hospital policies, compliance or benefits. In addition, videos present new information to multiple locations in one session.  You can be assured that everyone gets the same information.

Improves credibility

Videos are a great help for establishing strong confidence among targeted group of readers, building social media presence and getting a reliable reputation as a leader. When you include video in any project, the overall credibility of a hospital will be improved. 

Now that you are fully aware of how can video benefit the healthcare field, the next step is to find a qualified videographer. 

Baltimore video production company is the best place to go!

Various organizations cannot deny how video can help them in many different ways, particularly in educating patients and staff. But when it comes to videography for your hospital or clinic, you should work with a reliable local videographer in Baltimore. In this case, a Maryland video production company, such as Focal Point Productions is what you need. 

What they can do for your medical organization? 

Objective and accurate videos are what they produce. They can create videos for conferencing or marketing purposes. Whether you need a high definition video to educate doctors and patients about a product or procedure, or live stream a webcast, the professional videographers in Baltimore at Focal Point Productions will professionally take care of it. 

How the Medical Industry Benefits from Video Production

In the competitive healthcare industry, the use of videos offer exciting benefits that allow patients easy access to essential medical information. As new treatments and technologies develop on a continuing basis, patients are provided with the best and latest information and care. Today, healthcare videos educate patients about superior care tailored to their medical needs. 

Over the past few years many hospitals, practitioners, and medical centers have been producing videos showing their success stories. It is considered an effective and practical tool in delivering their message to a wide audience - no matter the time or location. 

If you are looking for professional videographers to assist you in this endeavor, you can find them in Baltimore, Maryland and throughout Howard County. Focal Point Productions will guide you in creating a quality video production. 

How Can Video Technology Boost the Success of Your Business?

In today’s digital generation, technology plays a vital role in the daily lives of individuals. Its helpful in the field of education, entertainment, communication and business. Through the continuous innovation of technology, nothing is impossible for your business. 

As an aspiring business man or woman in Baltimore, Maryland, you can attain success ifyouestablish a powerful tool to advertise your business. One example of elevating your business is to by using a Baltimore video production company. Moreover, you should also choose the best local expert in the video production industry.  The following are some helpful ideas on how video production can help your business succeed. 

Helpful Tips on How Video Production Can Elevate Your Business on Top

  • Every businesses should create a video that can promote the visions and missions of the company. With this, people can create an impression about your products and/or services and possibly choose your. 
  • Unveil new products or services. In your marketing plans, announcing new product or services can attract the attention of many people. With the help of a professional videographer, you can create a professional video introducing your unique product or services.      
  • Establish an event video or explanatory video that can introduce the scope of your products and services. You can include in the video the benefits that they can get when they choose your services. 
  • Allow your past customers to voice out the excellent quality that you provide. In your video, you can include the truthful testimonials of your past valuable clients. With this, you can convince others that you are a reputable and professional business whom they can trust. 
  • You can receive more social shares. The nice thing about video production is that people who become interested in your specific video can automatically share it to their friends through different social networking sites. As a result, you can effortlessly reach more customers. 
  • Since people of all ages are using the internet in their daily lives, you can continually share it to others. With its affordability and great quality, video technology is now getting more popular in the business world. Through video marketing, you can create a good name and reputation in the public, and have it work for you 24/7/365. 
  • Include some form of entertainment. Internet users commonly look for something new and different. Well, with the help of an expert videographer, you can be entertain your potential customers while giving them valuable information about your company. Having good video content is the key to success in the online world.       

 With just a single video, you can begin to promote your business. What are you waiting for? Use professional video production in Baltimore now to attain the goals of your business! 

Get the Most of Video Marketing for Your Business

Including video marketing in business campaigns is one way of ensuring greater sales at the end of the day. Experts say that media is an effective channel or medium at which a business can connect easily to its consumers. In the marketing or advertising industry, many business owners have realized the potential of producing videos to promote a certain brand or product or services. A video can effectively manage to carry out the activities of a business at any day ,  while allowing its target audience to get the message through visual and audio technology. 

As video production becomes widely tech-driven in all parts of the world, majority of business owners and entrepreneurs are taking advantage on the popularity of video for their marketing goals. Through videos, your audience can interact with your content when they have the time to watch the video wherever they are. They can easily give opinions and feedback on what they saw, andcompare it with your written content. 

When promoting a new brand or product of your business, video marketing is an essential tool that will deliver your message to people in a more direct manner.  You have to be very careful with the language that you’re going to use in the video because all of your audience may not share the same language as yours. The use of images should also be taken into consideration to meet your video marketing goals.

Any media campaign, such as producing a video, will help your business. Creating videos for your business is easier today since you can use a smart phone or tablet. With simple tools you have at home, you can produce a high quality video that will surely help you carry out all your marketing plans for your business. If you are hesitant to create the video on your own then you can ask for help from professional videographers to assist you with your needs. Videographers in Baltimore are an excellent choice for your video production. They can come up with an event video for your product launching and other business activities. Take note that poor quality video can pose a negative image to your business so make sure that you’re making it right for your viewers. Be creative enough on your videos so you will attract larger audiences. 

Great quality videos in your marketing campaign will help your business grow. Use those videos as a powerful medium in reaching out to your target audience. You should impart knowledge and information to your consumers through your videos. As much as possible, see to it that you leave a good impression to your viewers about your business so they will continue wanting for more videos that you are about to produce it the future. 


Elements of an Effective Video Content Marketing Strategy

Businesses flock to video marketing as their effective and efficient content tactic. It is highly vital to their employees, customers and the organization itself, especially if you are after global success. However, some people overlook the focus on creating a professional video. As a result, they were not able to produce the expected result. Learn the important elements of an effective video content marketing strategy!


How will you deliver the video? Who’s your target audience?  What the key points you want to deliver?  It is important to consider all of these items beforeproduction. Doing so will allow you to customize the entire process and ensure its success. 

Make it short but precise

It is vital to make the video short, entertaining, and to-the-point. However, make sure it contains ALL the information you need to disseminate to the audience. If the video is shorter, you can avoid people getting annoyed or bored. Instead, they’ll becoming interested in your company, product/service, and message. 

Figure out the stories you want to convey

Consider your target audience and things you want them to know, be that about you or your company, or both. Your first video should explain some details about you and the products and/or services that your company offers. Then, you are ready to make videos for all steps of the campaign funnel. When possible, add fun marketing videos to improve your brand and bring points to life. 

Show people, not only products

Explanations of the products are important. But most of the time, they don’t make best use of the persuasive stories. The best alternative? Show people. The purpose is to put a human face on your company. You can involve your clients through featuring their success stories. And, let your business partners talk about their business and why they chose to work with you. 

Build connections with viewers

A video marketing strategy will only become successful if engagement and trust were developed. Engage with audiences so they feel like you have their best interest in mind and share similar values. When your channel starts developing, have an assurance that your connection will progress and continue into a meaningful and mutually beneficial team work.  

How to get started? 

Of course, the first thing to do is to find a reliable video production company that will do the job on your behalf. You can create a video content marketing strategy on your own, but if you think you lack the tools and expertise, it’s better to leave the job in the professional’s hands. This way, you can make best use of your hard-earned resources while maintaining a solid relationship among your viewers. 

Professional video production in Baltimore can be a great source of help. Our team of experts is very much eager to help you with any of your video marketing needs. Simply state your target audience, objectives and other important information, you are now ready to go!

Choosing the Best Music for Your Video Marketing Campaign

Music is just as important as your content for your video marketing campaign. This is because it has a direct effect on your video’s flow and how the viewers perceive it. After all, music is capable of bringing out different emotions within us. Hence, it is important for you to choose the music for your video marketing campaign in order for it to be the most effective.  Below are some things you can consider. On the other hand, with the help of a professional videographer, the decision making process would be much easier on your part.

Ask yourself, what feelings do you want it to evoke?

Different music or songs evoke different feelings. So, what kind of emotions do you want your video marketing campaign to evoke? Do you want them to feel excited, warm or happy? Then, choose a song that can evoke such feeling. You can do this by playing the music and the video together and see if it fits well together. Of course, you also need to consider the genre and the tempo in order for you to find the one that would complete your video marketing campaign in Baltimore. 

Choose the one that fits your business and your target audience

If you truly want people to be attracted to your video marketing campaign, then there’s a need for you to choose the one that fits your target audience. A target audience of children will have different music tastes compared to a baby-boomer. Its important that the music keeps them interested enough to watch your video from start to finish. In addition, it should also fit what you are offering and the industry where you belong. 

Instrumental music is still the best choice

There may be times when you would want to use music with vocals for the video that you are planning to make for your marketing campaign or event video. However, music with vocals is not always the best choice. This is because it may be quite distracting at times, especially if it’s lyrics does not have anything to do with your marketing or event video. Oftentimes, going with instrumental music is still the best. 

Don’t let the music get in the way

Believe it or not, there are videos out there that feature someone speaking, but because the background music is too loud, the audience cannot properly heart the talking.  It’s important to ensure that the music audio levels are properly balanced with the speaking.  Your viewers shouldn’t have to struggle to hear your message.

Royalty Free Music

Its important to purchase royalty free music from a trusted website.  We often recommend for our projects.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the time to choose the song for your video, you can just hire a Baltimore video production company like Focal Point Productions. With us, rest assured that real experts would be working on your video marketing. So, guaranteed success would be yours!

Blurring Images and Logos in FCPX

I thought I'd share this video that I shot and edited last month. What made it challenging was that I had to blur out any logo that wasn't M&T bank or the Ravens. Keep in mind that every football jersey has two NFL and two Nike logos. I used CoreMelt to blur or remove the logos. I also had to blur every kids' face, with the exception of 3 kids that we had signed waivers for. Some clips had 6 different tracked blurs applied.  And lastly, I had to add closed captioning. All this in under a week.