Marty Jenoff Featured as Guest on Popular "Final Cut Pro Radio" Podcast

Earlier today the latest episode of the popular podcast "Final Cut Pro Radio" was released, and it features a 1 hour interview with Marty Jenoff.  In the show, host Richard Taylor and Marty discuss  why he prefer Final Cut Pro X, the Baltimore video production market, and some tips and workflows.  Listen to the podcast here.

Blurring Images and Logos in FCPX

I thought I'd share this video that I shot and edited last month. What made it challenging was that I had to blur out any logo that wasn't M&T bank or the Ravens. Keep in mind that every football jersey has two NFL and two Nike logos. I used CoreMelt to blur or remove the logos. I also had to blur every kids' face, with the exception of 3 kids that we had signed waivers for. Some clips had 6 different tracked blurs applied.  And lastly, I had to add closed captioning. All this in under a week.