Tips for Video Marketing Production

Video marketing helps improve and boost the exposure of your business, market share and sales. With the increasing popularity of video hosting sites such as Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, etc., video marketing and videography services continuously grows by leaps and bounds. 

With the new technology, the convenience and ease of making a sales video becomes more and more user-friendly. Nowadays, even the average person can completely create a professional-looking video with minimal cost, and have it live within a few hours or even minutes. 

More of the market continuously adapts to watching video marketing messages. Reading of sales letters, emails, and other marketing messages results in more ad blindness from your niche or target market. 

Here are very simple tips to create an effective video marketing plan.

  • Know your target market – more like an effective sales letter, a great videography or video marketing message requires you to be knowledgeable of your target market’s current problems, needs, or issues that are needed to be solved. After you’ve identified the problems you desire to address in your video marketing message, proceed to the next step. Establish a way how your service or product can solve that problem. This needs to be the basic theme of your video marketing message.
  • Write you plan of action – Write out a script or storyboard of your video marketing message. You should plan out a start, middle, and an ending of your videography message.
  • Adapt the message to your target marketing with 3 points – Ensure to boil your message down to your target market in 3 point. In this way, you’ll be able to make your video message much easier to understand and be remembered. State you 3 main sales points and briefly elaborate on each one by simply providing antidotes, examples, or illustrations.
  • Don’t make long messages – Avoid making long messages in your video marketing message. Your messages needs to be punchy, brief, and targeted to one specific problem of your customers. Fight the temptation of selling in the videography. Just refer them to your website where you can have more space and room to explain what you’re offering, prove your claims to be true, and inspire them a call to action.
  • Call to action – Even though you shouldn’t use this video marketing message to close a sale, you still need to have an effective call to action at the end of the video. The call to action should direct your viewers to your website, to your business physical address, or to call you.
  • Keyword Optimization – It’s very sad to see people taking the previous steps, making an excellent videography message with very dynamic call to action and powerful sales point, but fail to do one of the most important details: optimization of keyword in the video. They fail to place the right keywords that will call the attention of search engine traffic or they have listed the keywords that are very competitive. You need to master and learn the keyword optimization and its principles. 

By following these very simple yet powerful ideas, you can instantly take your business to next level by simple providing targeted, powerful niche marketing videos.