We were excited to be apart of our 16th webcast for a local hospital system in April. The hour long webcast discussed the future of Orthopedics and was held in Timonium. We brought with us a total of 9 team members to help us with this highly informative and complex event.

The evening kicked off with 5 panelists, answering questions about the facility, treatment options and procedures, and also brought in rehabilitation specialists to show the audience different physical therapy exercises. LIVE attendees were able to write in with questions and comments on Facebook, some of which were asked directly to the panelists in real time. Those that weren’t, had a person available to answer questions also in real time on the feed.

This Facebook Live broadcast had a peak of 62 LIVE viewers, which was double the amount of viewers that we had last September 2018 for the Breast Cancer Awareness live cast.  This week’s Ortho webcast had almost 5,000 minutes viewed and 320 engagements within two days.