What Makes a Good Video

Videos are a great way to immortalize important events, advertise your business, share your knowledge or opinion on events or topics, and inform a group on a topic. Good videos can leave a lasting impression on the viewer. However, a poor video can have the opposite effect. The question then becomes what makes a good video.

The most important aspect of a good video, is that it should have an interesting topic. What makes a topic or subject interesting will depend completely on the intended audience.  The best way to come up with an interesting topic is to ask what the people want. Searching for trending topics online is one way to find out what the intended audience is looking for.

An interesting and informative topic only goes so far. If it's coupled with poor videography, than the video will likely fail. Getting the right techniques can be a challenge, particularly for the inexperienced videographer. 

Aspects such as lighting, angle, location, and color all add to, or take from, the overall video. One that is too dark will be hard to watch, for example. Professional videographers have not only been trained in the art, but have experience and a dedicated eye for these elements.

When shooting a video, make sure the lighting is just right. Pay attention to shadows, both in the surrounding location, and also across the subject. Poor lighting can make a bride look ill or tired by casting shadows under her eyes. Or, the subjects may come across shady if their faces are covered in darkness.

Visual effects are another type of technique that can make or break a video. It may seem like a good idea to make the image move jerkily across the screen, as if the videographer were running. However, this technique is rarely appropriate for the subject. The same can be said for quick sweeping camera movements. These effects can make the viewer ill.

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