Tips for Video Production - Quick Turnarounds, Tight Budgets and Being Creative

As one of the top service providers of Baltimore video productions, we know that your reputation is of the utmost importance. Without the presence of a great online reputation, your business will surely fail over time.  The quality of the videos you produce with our team play a monumental part in creating a successful online reputation.

Here are some of the most essential tips on how you can create videos on tight budgets, with quick turnarounds, while still being creative:

Staying Focused on the Set Deadline

The first step is to create a completion deadline, and stick to it.  Be sure to allow enough time for revisions and approvals.  Check the calendar for holidays, meetings, or other projects that may interfere with the editing schedule or release date.  Don't plan on releasing your big video on a holiday or on election day.  No one will see it, and it will got lost in the shuffle.  Once you prioritize your deadline, you will be more serious about your work.

Develop an Outline for the Video

Even a 30 or 60 second video on YouTube  needs a rough outline before you start shooting.  Having a detailed outline before the videographer shoots will help them only shoot what's necessary.  This will cut down on their shooting time (saving you money) and will make the editors job easier (saving you even more money). The outline doesn't have to be long or too specific, just give the production team an idea of your vision for the messaging and visuals.

Branding Guidelines

Most non profits, organizations, and businesses have a logo and some colors or fonts that they like.  These "rules" are called Branding Guidelines.  Get your production team these materials early, before your shoot and especially before they start editing.  These include a high resolution PNG file of your logo, with a transparent background; the RGB values of your colors; and any fonts.  This will ensure that the finished video "looks" like it yours, and not generic or out of style.

Having a Clear Outcome

Why are you creating this video?  What is your call to action? What do you want the viewer to do after watching your video?  Know what your expected outcomes are, and be sure your video includes that information or calling. 

With these essential tips, you are assured that you can have a very impressive video production project that you'll truly love. So, follow these tips now and be proud of your video production project outcome!