Getting an Estimate for a Video

Asking "how much for a video" is like asking "how much to buy a house or a car." Videos can cost from $100 - $10,000 or even more.

We often get perspective and current clients calling for a quote to have a video produced. Lots of factors go into preparing an estimate. To help save time, try to have answers to these common questions that we may ask:

How long will the finished be?
How many hours will be needed to video tape everything?
How many locations are involved in the shoot?
Who will be writing and/or producing the video (sometimes clients want to do this themselves or hire Focal Point)?
How quickly do you need the finished video?
How will you be showing or distributing the video (online, DVD, flash drive, etc)?
Who is the audience?
Do you require any special equipment (teleprompter, Glidecam, dolly, Glidetrack, backdrop, etc)?
Do you need an titles, animations, or graphics?