Get to Know Focal Point

Focal Point Productions has unequivocally devoted every minute of the past 14 years into perfecting the art of video production, script writing, coaching and editing with business marketing in mind. Contemporary, competitive and inspired would only begin to describe the resources available to our clients, offering a professional studio atmosphere complete with state – of – the – art cameras, equipment and expertise to bring it all together.

Every business knows the public loves videos! By producing and marketing an informative video to a specific target market everybody wins! The customer benefits by assessing the value of the company in relationship to their present or future needs and, the company benefits by being able to compile all their pertinent information into a short, professionally produced video creating a positive and consistent image. 

Anyone who has been in business knows longevity and status is earned one day at a time, one customer at a time. The video production business is no different; in fact it may be even more difficult than most as every project requires specific copy, design, editing and post – production expected to exceed the expectations of the client. We realized 20 years ago that a client must be given a chance to get to “know” you, then with the addition of honesty and hard work they’ll get to “like” you, and most importantly when you’ve proven you are trustworthy they will put their “trust” in you. Our knowledge of this crucial process is the driving force and formula for success behind our relationships with our clients. By empowering them with our understanding we pave the way towards achieving the very goals we have set for ourselves.

The success and reputation we enjoy as a complete video production company comes from years of commitment and consideration in our relationships with the event planners, social media coordinators and small businesses in Baltimore, DC, and Virginia. They know we’re focused and serious about what we do but they return because we’re flexible and accommodating to their specific needs. Our talents make us uniquely qualified to deliver every type of marketing video necessary in today’s “click happy” world. Focal Point can produce informative training, internet, industrial, corporate, historical or brand awareness videos utilizing video, still photos, graphics, etc. that are competitively priced.

For more information on what makes a good video, or to schedule your filming in the Maryland or DC areas, we invite you to contact us today.