Enhance Your Business Video Using Drone Technology

Technology is constantly in flux. And if you pay attention, it is forever changing at a rapid clip. The technology now available in aerial photography is better than ever, and it’s changing the way that we take pictures and videos for the better.

Are you ready to take advantage of drone technology to enhance your business videos? Adding the overhead perspective to your clips can be quite refreshing and entertaining for your viewers.

It’s time to discuss ways to use drones with a camera to help tell your business’s story. It’s easier to use than you think, and if you implement these suggestions, your company video production will certainly improve.

4 Techniques to Enhance Business Videos Using a Drone

Here are our favorite techniques in no particular order:

  • Overhead view – as a business owner, you may want to show off your beautiful location on video. A simple way to record video of your entire property and the surrounding area is to use a drone to film an overhead panoramic view. As an example, let’s say a hotel owner in Ocean City Maryland decides to take a panoramic video of the hotel. Not only can this video film his or her hotel, it can also encompass oceanfront hotels in Ocean City MD and the surrounding area. A panoramic view of this type is breathtaking, fun to watch, and very attractive for the viewer. It’s definitely worth it to use a drone to record from an overhead view.

  • Next level reveals – a drone makes it easy to create revealing shots that are otherwise impossible without this technology. Have you ever wanted to see what your town looks like during a snowstorm? It’s easy to see this view from above when you have a drone capturing the entire revealing scene from up in the clouds. It’s interesting because the drone can capture the scene from numerous viewpoints. And you can continue to fly higher and higher, all the while capturing the scene in all of its glory.

  • Using a hand-held stabilizer – a hand-held stabilizer is the latest addition to drone camera technology and it is changing the way drone footage looks for the better. This stabilizer is fantastic because now, instead of seeing shaky drone footage, we are seeing smooth, crisp, clear footage that is completely stabilized. And not only that, a stabilizer makes it so simple to maneuver the drone. It’s perfect for taking certain shots that would result in a shaky camera at best.

  • The group shot – taking a company group shot has never been easier. Using a drone camera for this type of shot will make it look gorgeous. Plus, adding the use of a drone will make this absolutely memorable for everyone involved. In addition, the drone makes it practical to take a large group shot and capture everyone in the crowd. With a regular camera, this is often difficult to accomplish at best and impossible at worst.

It’s easy to enhance business video now that drone technology is available. Incorporate it into your business related video recordings as soon as possible.