Recording Presentations

Recently we've been asked to record several presentations in the Baltimore area.  Most of these somewhat simple productions are accomplished by using one HD video camera to record the presenter, and then in post production we insert the Power Point slides.  Adding the slides during editing (instead of using a video camera to capture them) increases their clarity and sharpness tremendously.  We always provide a wireless clip-on microphone for the presenter, and often times try to prepare a back up mic on the podium or by getting a feed from the "house sound."  For some presentations, we recommend adding a second or even third HD video camera.

This is an example of what our expertise video editing can do when recording a presentation.  In the final video, we used power point slides and transitions to cover the edits.  We removed 2+ minutes of ums, ahs, and long pauses. 

The original presentation was 22 minutes long.  Focal Point Productions removed 2.5 minutes of ums, ahs, and long pauses, and  5 minutes of inaudible questions and going off topic.  The finished video is 15 minutes long. We covered the edits with power point slides and transitions.

Here is another presentation that we recorded and edited.