My Favorite Productivity Apps and Programs

Over the last two years I've become a huge Apple Fan Boy.  I'm totally entrenched in the Apple iOS and OS lifestyle.  I often have friends, clients, family, coworkers, and associates ask me for advice and tips on apps and programs.  Many of the apps and programs I use are cross platform, meaning they work on Apple, Android, and PC devices.  

Here's a list with links (in no particular order)

Dropbox is a great program that I have installed on all of my devices.  It allows me to access all of my documents everywhere and the capability to share files with clients, friends, and family.

Evernote is a virtual notebook.  You can include text, pictures, audio, PDFs, handwriting, websites, and more in your notes.  You can access these notes on any device, whether it be a computer, tablet, or phone.  Evernote has helped me go completely paperless.  I store all of my files and 

How many times has someone emailed you a PDF to sign?  And how inconvenient is it to just add your signature and send it back?  You have to print it out, sign it, scan it in again, and mail it back.  With PDFpen, I can just open up the PDF add my electronic signature and send it write back.  It takes 10 seconds and I didn't waste any paper.  And, I can do all of this on the go from my phone.  But PDFpen is more then just adding signatures.  It also allows you to add text fields, edit existing dates, block out text, and so much more.  So if PDF files are a part of your workflow, consider adding PDFpen to your library

Rendering videos can take hours.  There are times when I leave my Mac Pro on for hours at a time (sometimes even overnight) so that it can finish rendering a project.   Log Me In allows me to remotely log into my computer to check its status and even turn it off.  There have been several times when I turn the computer on in the morning before I  leave for a shoot or meeting and then while I'm out on the road I can launch Log Me In on my iPhone or iPad to see if the project is done.  And if it is, I can turn the computer off hours before I would have returned home.   

If you love taking shortcuts and saving time, you'll love Textexpander.  It takes your customized keyboard shortcuts and automatically expands them.  So, lets say you have a common sentence or paragraph that you use over and over again.  Rather then typing it out every time, or opening a template to copy and paste, you can just type your snippet and your text will expand.  The possibilities are endless.  Using my shorcuts, I've saved myself 17,093 typing characters in just a few months.  That's saved me almost an hour of typing time.

It can be impossible to remember all of your passwords.  If you're like me, you have dozens if not hundreds of online accounts.  1Password keeps track of all your accounts - the web address, username, and password.  When you visit a website, with one click 1Password automatically fills in the username and password fields.  1Password also helps you create those really long passwords with upper and lower case letters, numbers, and  symbols. All of your account information stays in sync using Dropbox, so when you make a change on your phone, it updates to your tablet, PC, and Mac.

Drafts is a basic text editor program.  It works on both the iPad and iPhone.  When you launch Drafts, it opens up to blank screen for immediate note taking.  It works with Textexpander which makes it great for taking quick and down-and-dirty notes.  With one touch, you can send the note to email, SMS, Dropbox, Evernote, OmniFocus, and a long list of other applications.

I often work on several different projects each day.  Bouncing back and forth can get confusing when I try to keep track of my time.  At it's core, Harvest is a time tracker.  I use it to log my hours for each client.  I can log the time as editing, shooting, or project management.  And each category has it's own hourly rate.  At the end of a project, I launch Harvest, select the job, and it tells me how much time I've devoted to it and how much to bill.