Choosing Focal Point for Your Next Project

The desire to take full advantage of the opportunities before us is in all of us. Perhaps this is where hiring a video production company who has been there, done that, survived and prospered throughout the past 14 years truly makes us worthy of your consideration. Despite the tremendous changes and demands put on the video industry, we’ve met the challenges head on and overcome them. We know who the competition is, what the marketing departments are expected to produce and the demographics involved in reaching the targeted audience. The reality is every company, regardless of stature or time in business needs a video presentation of some type. It is simply the fastest, most effective way of communicating with the visitor to your site.

The importance of hiring a capable, intuitive videographer who is familiar with Baltimore, the state of Maryland and the surrounding areas will also help you in creating the perfectly produced video you’re your needs. As they say, the “numbers” don’t lie, check out these stats:

• 35 percent of all consumers view videos related to specific products "every time" or "nearly every time" when doing online shopping, with 32 percent responding with "occasionally viewing."

• 57 percent of online shoppers polled responded by indicating that they have more trust in products when accompanied by videos and would be less likely to return items following the purchase.

• 71 percent agreed that product videos make it much easier to learn how a particular product works or appears compared to text or photos only.

• 51 percent of online shoppers stated that a video professionally produced was much more effective and very important for the sale.

• 41 percent of polled online shoppers were more apt to share a video than photo, review or text. Only 12 percent stated they were less likely.

Focal Point Productions is here to serve you by producing a successful, informative and relevant video that people will want to watch in its entirety - one that will stimulate traffic, increase conversion rates and promote public awareness. We’ll script it, produce it and edit it, taking every detail into account.

For more information on what makes a good video, or to schedule your filming in the Maryland or DC areas, we invite you to contact us today.