Focal Point Productions has been actively involved in live streaming a variety of events for the MSYSA (Maryland State Youth Soccer Association).  They've discovered how the live streaming platform broadcasting content has saved them time, money, and effectively reached more members and players.

The content has extended from educational sessions for parents, rules and procedures for participation in Association programs as well as broadcasting the tournament draws for competitions.

The impact on their association has been significant and has them looking at new ways to use the medium to promote their content and brand.

We'd enjoy the opportunity to discuss the concept in more detail and see how we can serve to build your organization through Live Streaming.


MSYSA began to use live streaming as a mechanism to reach more parents more efficiently.  Focal Point Productions recently produced a livestream event for their Olympic Development Program (ODP) to discuss the process, rules and expectations for the program.

The livestream allowed them to answer questions, and describe the program without parents having to leave their homes.  If parents can't watch the live webcast on Facebook, they can watch the recorded version on YouTube. 


Executive Director of the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association,, Flo Egan, discusses how the use of "livestreaming" has helped MSYSA engage their staff, coaches, players and families more efficiently.


One of the most exciting events for any organization are the member wide competitions. We all know the "buzz" around the NCAA setting the brackets for March Madness. For the MSYSA, the President’s Cup and State Cup draw had been a cumbersome and expensive process of gathering all the coaches, and providing facilities and refreshments. The cost of time spent was extraordinary. Livestreaming solved all of that. Now the coaches and families can all watch without leaving home or offices. They can watch the brackets unfold with their teams and kids as the excitement builds to see who they play. The experience now has been expanded beyond the coaches to the entire community. That's the power of livestreaming!