Phenomenal! Working with Marty is such a pleasure. Tell him what you want, and he delivers. If you’re camera-shy, Marty knows how to put you at ease that you would think you’re a professional. The AMI Team and I have worked with Marty for four years. He’s a consummate professional with a creative mind and process.
— Peter C.

Our Baltimore corporate video team is very meticulous when it comes to producing seminar videos and conference videos.  We work extra hard to edit out any mistakes, ums/ahs, long pauses, etc.  We can usually remove 10-20%.  Having a concise video makes it much easier for viewers to sit thru a training.

This is a brief example from the GBMC Grand Rounds session held in February 2016. It was recorded using two HD cameras, and then during post production, we added closed captioning. The original video was 50 minutes long.

This is an example of what our expertise video editing can do when recording a presentation. In the final video, we used power point slides and transitions to cover the edits. We removed 2+ minutes of ums, ahs, and long pauses. See the edited finished product here

The original presentation was 22 minutes long. Focal Point Productions removed 2.5 minutes of ums, ahs, and long pauses, and 5 minutes of inaudible questions and going off topic. The finished video is 15 minutes long. We covered the edits with power point slides and transitions.