In cooperation with WBAL-TV, Focal Point Productions is proud to offer HD aerial video.  Any other aerial video service has to be flown in from Western Maryland, Virginia, Philadelphia, New Jersey, or from even further away, and you have to pay for the extra air time.  Additionally, the helicopter used by Focal Point Productions is equipped with a gyro-stabilized, fully digital servo control system with an integrated high definition camera.  Aerial still photography can also be included as an added service.

The Cineflex V14 HD System is a state of the art camera that offers high performance in a compact package designed for its natural pre-eminence in broadcast, production and news gathering applications.  The system’s capture devise, the Sony HDC-1500 1080i professional broadcast camera, provides true scene fidelity with unmatched color clarity and resolution in multiple HD and SD sample rates.

The V14 HD relies on an extremely accurate gimbal system that provides sharp, stable performance and comprehensive control of azimuth, elevation, and roll. Its flexible high-definition daylight camera accepts multiple lens configurations with optical zoom capacities extending from short range wide fields of view to long range narrow fields of view. The versatility of the V14HD ensures precise image acquisition at a variety of distances, while an incorporated ergonomic laptop offers intuitive portable control of all features.

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